Bring Home The Android Qled Tv – A Brilliant Cinematic Experience

 Researching on the website, watching some dummy channels on YouTube, discuss with family members, its price, brand, quality, features, specs, while picking a new best QLED TVs in India? OMG too much right?

Do you feel the same? Ok, relax. Let’s talk in-depth. This article will clear all your doubts.

Buying a new best Android QLED TVs is a dream for many people. There are numerous big brands are marketing their product at the best and high price. 

Spoiler alert: We are talking about the best Android QLED TVs, also, you will get in detailed explanation.

  1. What is QLED TV?

Quantum Light Emitting Diode (QLED) takes advantage of the many unique characteristics that quantum dots offer such as “high-end luminance”. Here luminance refers to how bright a screen looks & that brightness is an important factor affecting other elements’ quality. Best QLED TVs India expresses their colors better in completely different pitches and you will get the best picture quality, realistic viewing experience. The quantum dots in QLED TV which are inorganic, durable, and stable, allows for excellent colors and brightness.

  1. Android TV vs Smart TV, which is better?

When it comes to features, specifications Android TV is an updated version of Smart TV. Android TV is integrated with Android TV OS. The advantage of Android TV is which allows you to connect to the play store and download your fav apps, just like your Android phone.

 In Smart TV can also need an internet connection, but there is a limited app that you can access and never let you download more apps. 

Compare to Smart TV, Android TV is in a high booming state where you can experience various features like Google assistance, attend video conferences in Zoom, play high tech games like the XBOX series, watch your fav channels like Netflix, Amazon prime, National Geography, and many more.

  1. How to choose best Android QLED TV to buy?

When comes to buy the best Android QLED TVs, I suggest you go for big-screen TV rather than small size TV. Because when you sit in the far distance, you can see picture quality in an excellent view. 

Choose the best LED TV with excellent HDR Dolby vision and a greater Amlogic processor. Dolby vision creates an ultimate picture quality and it enhances the 3D effect graphics. Also, check TV has a higher refresh rate of more than 60HZ. Pick an excellent resolution like 4K, HD available on the marketplace. 

  1. Difference between QLED vs OLED

QLED and OLED TV might be confusing to customers. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is the most expensive television out there. Both Android QLED TV and OLED sound quite similar but the inside scoop has a difference. LCD, LED, QLED and OLED all have, the major difference is the screen technology. 

OLED has no backlights system because the pixels of OLED can emit light, whereas Android QLED TVs comes with a backlight. Most probably consumers are looking for the best and affordable price rather than going for expensive. Overall, I say, best Android QLED TVs are the best in all their range.

  1. Best 4K experience; OLED vs QLED

Android QLED TVs has the best 4K experience as the picture contrast and the brightness level in OLED is more when compare to the QLED because each pixel in OLED can produce its light and hence the picture quality, contrast level, the brightness level will be more when compared to the best QLED TVs in India which is powered by a backlight. The picture quality, viewing angle, performance has more weightage in best QLED TVs in India as well as OLED. But QLED TV comes with 8K also with better price, viewing angle for an affordable price, line up best features, design, and technology. 

Buying the best QLED TVs in the market really a daunting process. When you get an impression of technology, requirements, then go for it. Research and buy, don’t get easily dump by any influencers, dealers. Good Luck!