Small Guide on Managed Services vs. Break-Fix Services

Many businesses depend on technology and IT systems to meet everyday operations. Break-Fix is ​​an IT service model that relies on customers contacting IT service companies when repairs and improvements are needed. The problem resolves when support is required.

The managed IT a service model is a strategic approach where the managed service provider (MSP) assumes responsibility for IT service functionality and equipment, monitors and manages IT infrastructure, and focuses on preventing its problems.

What is Break-Fix IT Model and Managed IT Services?

The break-fix model refers to just calling in professional IT services when there is a problem or when upgrades are needed. Even though this might seem reasonable for some people, the fact is a loss that far exceeds profits. It is agreed upon universally in the IT industry that the break-fix model is outdated and ineffective.

Managed IT services refer to the practice of the third-party IT providers who work the company’s needs. Service providers managed services (MSP) provide a lot and range from security to 24/7 monitoring and Helpdesk support.

Break-Fix Model VS Managed IT Services

This model quickly happened on the roadside. At present, the best proactive IT support provider. Instead of waiting for something wrong, the class’s best business looks for problems and repair them before there is a problem. This proactive approach is referred to as the service managed.

Break-Fix Model Pros-

  • Monthly Fees Model

The break-fix model fades users for consultation, repairs, and labor every hour. It is not possible for budgets for unexpected problems, and there is no natural way for you to find out if you pay a reasonable price. There are also no preventive measures taken to avoid problems in the future, so you allow yourself to open for surprise costs with break-fix.

  • Control

Many business owners think they have more control over their needs if they use a break-fix model. They will only be professional if they believe it is essential. It might be accurate, but you will have little control over your IT costs.

Cons of Break-Fix Model

  • Cost

If you use a Break-Fix model, then they will charge you for each consultation. It will increase your IT budget complexity. You cannot control your IT budget because you cannot predict the problem in the future. Also, there are no preventive steps that will help you avoid the same issues in the future.

  • Affects Productivity

Businesses that use this model are primarily dependent on their intelligent employees. If you draw your employees from their core work, they will waste a lot of their time. Thus, it can inhibit their productivity.

  • Downtime

If your IT system goes down, then you will lose a lot of money. Experts will come to improve the system. You will not know your infrastructure.

They will take the time to assess your IT infrastructure. After that, they will start looking for problems on your network.

  • Hidden Threats

Most of the problems will start small at the beginning. They can cause severe damage before you even pay attention to them. If you use a Break-Fix model, then no one monitors your system. You can’t find problems when they are in the early stages.

Pros of Managed IT Services

  • 24/7 Monitoring

They will eliminate potential dangers before they can affect your system. If your system goes down, then they will quickly help you fix the problem. They already know about all your IT infrastructure.

  • Technology Savvy

The update can be expensive and unlucky. If you work with MSP, then they will help you update your software. They will ensure that all your systems are cutting-edge. Your MSP partner will help you manage your system security.

  • Predictable Cost

Your MSP will always come up with a fixed monthly fee. It will ensure that you can easily make a budget for their needs. You don’t need to worry about shock or hidden costs. Your MSP partner will help you find the perfect plan for your business. They will help you adjust this plan according to your business needs.

  • Secure

MSP will proactively help you in preventing security problems in the future. They will use the latest technology to ensure that your system gets protection from viruses, malware, and cybercriminals.

Cons of Managed IT Services

  • Control and Trust

If you work with third-party providers, then you need to give a lot of trust to them. They must improve your IT infrastructure. Many business owners will think that they have fewer controls when compared to the break-fix method.

If you use the break-fix method, you can contact the profession you want. However, it would help if you still believed that professionals because they need full access to your system. If you use a Break-Fix model, then you have no control of your IT professional actions. Your MSP provider will also give you a contract that will describe their services. They will send strategic reports, action plans, and recommendations. If you have doubts, then you can directly call them.

  • Contracts

These contracts will ensure that you will at least get the level of service. It will ensure that your provider meets his needs. The break-fix method does not require any contract, but it has hidden costs.


Choosing between managed break-fix services and services is very dependent on your business and criticality for performance.

A more straightforward system suffers fewer problems overall and requires less care.

Suppose you run a complex system that integrates software in place, cloud services, and third-party providers, managed services more sense. You deal with a much more potential problem and a hacker way to damage your system.

When looking for a break solution, find a company that can offer flexible options. It is essential to have a truck roll when you call or have staff who diagnose problems before blackouts occur.

Every business has different needs. It would help if you first decided on your business needs. It will help you find the best solution for your business. We have given you relevant information that will help you find the perfect service for you.