Candle Shipping Boxes

What are Candle Shipping Boxes?

Candles are being used as a symbol of love and create an ambiance for relaxation and intimacy. Candle manufacturers are growing in strength due to the increased demand. Various styled and scented candles have been introduced in the past few decades. Such a collection of candles which gives you awe requires equivalent packaging also.

We are providing candle manufacturers with the best packaging options. Packaging is paid due respect now while in earlier days it was not at all considered. Sales are directly related to boxes in which a product is supplied. We give each brand a separate identity with the help of Candle Shipping Boxes. Candles are being used in various events such as birthdays, candlelight dinners, spas, and bridal showers. We make Custom Candle Boxes in eloquent styles with various modifications.

That Customers Will Love Design of Candle Shipping Boxes

We make boxes in various designs by changing the different styles of the box. Each brand is provided with an exclusive box with copyrights. Various popular box styles are

  • Clamshell boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Front tuck double-layered boxes
  • Reverse tuck
  • Auto-bottom box
  • Lid and base type of the box

To make the box more attractive accessories can be used such as pearls, sequins, stickers, or stones. Design is made chic with a die-cut window in different shapes with a PVC lining that enables a customer to drool over the enchanting candles from within the box. We make Candle Boxes in different presentations with inserts and sizes that can be made with the help of given measurements. Ribbons make Custom Candle Boxes more giftable and can be given to loved ones.

Custom Candle Boxes
Custom Candle Boxes

Get Your Candle Packaging Boxes Out in The Market

We provide the best packaging boxes with durability and safety. Boxes allow the safe transportation of glass bottle-scented candles. Candle Boxes keep the bottles safe with their cushion effect ad do not let any damage to the candles. Minimum product loss is assured by the use of  Candle Shipping Boxes. These boxes help to create an impact in the audience with mesmerizing designs and styles. Boxes protect the candles from adverse effects of climate and temperatures. Breathable material does not allow the entry of moisture or dirt and keeps the candles in a flawless form.

Candle Shipping Boxes
Candle Shipping Boxes

Get the Best Prices of Custom Candle Boxes at OrchardPackaging

We offer amazing discounts and deals despite the prices being modest already. We have kept our prices low in order to allow maximum companies to market their brand with customized boxes. No separate charges are being taken for customizing features. We deliver the best quality box to you at a wholesale discount. the brand can save some extra on each Candle Shipping Boxes by the wholesale further reduced rates. We offer free print designing which imparts colors to the box. Colors are an essential tool in making a box captivating. The colors used in inboxes are coherent with the flavors and scents of the candles. Printed Candle Boxes can read the text about the candles, their ingredients, and manufacturing details. We print the logo in distinguishing features like embossing, debossing, or raised ink. Font style and size can be changed along with the ultimate feel of the box. Matte or glossy feel is created by the use of lamination finishing. Unlike Wholesale Candle Boxes from other companies, our prints are long-lasting and are smudge-free by the curing of AQ coating. We cure the print with UV spot treatment to create a feel closer to the reality on the box.

Gold and silver foiling is often asked by the clients to create a box for limited and exclusive articles. The box can be made in an alluring outlook with colorful images representing the calmness of nature. Pictures depicting the candles can be floral, scenic, or have random geometric patterns. Right alignment of text and images create a sophisticated outlook of the box.

Candle Shipping Boxes
Candle Shipping Boxes

Why Candle Shipping Boxes?

Choose OrchardPackaging for their excellent services and our free shipment worldwide is worth mentioning. We allow the brand to save their and money spent on the consignment delivery. The tedious task of delivery does not allow requires money but the energy spent on making sure of safe delivery. We ship boxes to you in their original form with the fastest turnaround services.

Eco-friendly candle boxes

We make boxes from natural material mostly from the source of softwood. These Custom Boxes Wholesale can collapse and can be reused. Simplification of such boxes is simple and is done by bio-degradation. Biologically active micro-organisms break down these boxes into loam and replenish the nutrients of the earth.