Best Canvas Print Ideas to Decorate Your Home

A house reflects a million stories. It is like a huge novel, which does not have pages, yet has several tales to tell. The stories pass on from a generation to another.

It’s like how in horror movies, a family moves into an old house with big dusty photographs of all the people who lived (and perhaps died) in that house. They are instantly drawn into the charismatic presence of the house, especially the photographs. The photographs somehow seem to transcend time and connect with the new inhabitants. We’re talking about the same kind of attachment (nothing creepy).

Photos do actually speak way more than words. To tell the visitors untold stories of your family, the canvas print is the key. By using large canvas prints, you can decorate the empty walls of your house to provoke a welcoming feeling.

With the wide variety of wall art options, display the tangible memories to fill the room with unending connections.

Don’t worry; there are many Canvas wall art options to add warmth to your house or office. To help you with this, we have come up with ten canvas print styles to elevate the look of your walls.

10 Creative Canvas Print Ideas:

1. Framed Canvas Prints

You might ask why you should choose a framed Canvas print over the unframed ones? If you prefer a traditional look, then why not? The framed Canvas prints have an in-depth texture and quality, which give the desired outlook. Whether it’s black, white, or wooden, the framed Canvas prints give a rustic feeling to add a new dimension to the room decor. If your furniture is more wrought iron, you may choose the walnut or darker framed Canvas prints. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something Bohemian, elite wooden canvas print frames go perfectly to give an earthy feel to the adornment.

2. Wrapped Canvas Prints

Wrapped Canvas prints are unlike framed Canvas prints. The edges of these Canvas prints are wrapped with the picture itself. The printed images are professionally stretched to cover the sides of the wooden frame. The images are expanded so that the sides of the picture do not get cut, and you get the ideal gallery-wrapped canvas prints to contemplate your walls. If your home decor is more sophisticated and reflects minimalism, wrapped Canvas prints will elevate the austere pattern.

3. Panoramic Canvas Prints

You know what is a panorama, right? The elongated horizontal image looks fabulous on a wide solid color wall. For displaying images like wildlife, sunset over the bay, or a group image such as family reunion or wedding, panoramic large canvas photo prints make a gorgeous focal point for any room. Breathtaking and dynamic panoramic canvas prints decorate the walls at a whole new level. If you are wondering where you can set such a large Canvas print, we will not disappoint you by saying on a large empty wall. Though, yes, it works best on a wide wall, but you can also hang them vertically in a considerably smaller space.

4. Pop Art Canvas

To turn the images into a 1950’s masterpiece, the pop art canvas is a modern art to redefine the decor of your walls. Yes, we are talking about those duotones and tritone color pop art pieces which never fail to draw attention.

With vibrant colors, these pop arts stand out in their own artistic way. This canvas print idea drastically transforms the room’s look, whether it’s a caricature, classic repeating themes, comic style pop art, or a photo story.

5. Triptych Canvas Prints

No matter how hard triptych sounds, it looks beautiful on the wall. They are unique, dramatic, and effortlessly soothing to the eye. The triptych canvas prints are created by segregating one image into three. Each canvas print is hung onto the wall 2 or 3 inches apart, putting a spread-out image effect, ensuring that it creates harmony.

It is actually medieval art that has recently become popular as modern art, especially for nature photography and travel photography.

6. Collage Canvas Prints

Photo collages are a stunning way to display all your favorite photos in one frame easily. Anyone can create a wonderful collection of pictures using a phenomenal template and get it printed as a collage canvas print with easy-to-use collage-making tools. This type of collage is a mess-free wall decor that fits perfectly in any corner of the wall. It’s needless to say, if you have obsessive cleanliness disorder, you will definitely love a collage canvas print overhanging multiple Canvas prints on your wall.

7. Statement Art Canvas Prints

By delivering a focus point, seek the attention of the visitors of your house with this unique style. A statement art portrays a story of things that matter. With the “less is more” approach, statement art canvas photo prints can stimulate people’s enthusiasm towards a particular cause.

8. Virtual Escapism Canvas Prints

Termed by Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim, ‘Virtual Escapism’ is an art form that offers the lane of escapism by merging the surreal world with reality. This trend acts as a therapeutic art form to calm the mind and soul by blurring the fences of fantasy and the facts of existence.

9. Poster Canvas Prints

If you are a movie buff and want to live the feel of a studio, decorate your room with poster canvas prints. Movie posters like Pulp Fiction, Joker, Robocop or Godfather, work fantastic. Though these are not recommended as living room wall decor but these custom canvas prints bring out a gorgeously artsy feel in the study space or bedroom.

10. Staircase Canvas Print Gallery

Every soap opera’s favorite kind of canvas print – the staircase canvas print gallery. Be it Sherlock Holmes, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, name it, and all of them have the staircase gallery displaying something or the other. And why not? After all, it literary takes you down memory lane, right? With the small or medium-sized prints, fill the staircase with memories. So each time you take stairs, your mind fills with happy memories.

Wrapping Up!

If you have come this far, you sure are looking for a unique idea to elevate the aura of your room. Hopefully, the curated list has ended your search, and you could decide on the Canva Print that suits your wall. If you are willing to décor your walls, go for it, mate. Order a canvas print online and set the tone of your home!