Military Car shipping services

If you are military servicemen and need your vehicle(s) sent for a transfer, we will ensure that your vehicle arrives securely, professionally, and on time. We can handle your military auto transport needs whether you’re staying in the continental United States or traveling abroad.

We also understand how military transfers are frequently made at the last minute, and we provide expedited services to our military customers at no additional cost. In addition, we can transport any vehicle, including passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, motorcycles, and even ATVs.

We engage with our military communities to make sure that your vehicle is moved as cheaply as possible, knowing that you may be on a tight government relocation budget. If your assignment is for a set period, we may save you even more money if you book a round journey with us up to a year ahead of time! We can mobilize our carriers anywhere you need us, thanks to our California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and Massachusetts.

Military Car Shipping: Requirements & Reduction

Our military POV shipping services are available for PCS relocation both domestically and internationally and in Hawaii and Alaska. We operate year-round in every area of the world with one of the industry’s largest fleets of transport carriers, including international shipping vessels. All active and retired military personnel are eligible for discounts.

POV Transfer Requirements

  • The car must be owned or leased by service personnel, or they’re dependent.
  • The vehicle must be self-propelled and legal to drive on public roads.
  • If the vehicle is rented, the third party’s written consent for transportation must be included.
  • Except for mopeds and motorbikes, all vehicles must have at least four wheels.

Military Reduction

We provide military automobile shipping savings to active service military and veterans. All active duty and former military people receive a discount, regardless of their current location or the place to which they need their car transferred. Additionally, all military branches are eligible for our discounts: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all military branches.

Military Car Shipping: How does it Work?

SHIP YOUR CAR SAFELY Logistics provides services to a wide range of industries, including the auto transport business, and is happy to provide a military car shipping program. We appreciate the service of every member of the military! However, we feel obligated to provide the best service at an unbelievable price because we value the people who preserve our peace and liberty so highly.

SHIP YOUR CAR SAFELY offers military vehicle transportation within the United States and military vehicle shipping internationally. Military car shipping to various military bases across the world is available from us. Fort Hood, Fort Knox, Fort Benning, and Fort Carson are just a few popular sites. When choosing a military car shipping firm, it’s critical to study the company’s military car shipping reviews to evaluate whether or not to hire them. We recognize that serving in the military isn’t your typical profession. Therefore SHIP YOUR CAR SAFELY agents go above and beyond to deliver inexpensive, timely, and easy service. Because it is military, the auto shipping service does not differ significantly from other car shipping services. Military auto shipping customers are advised to meet outside the base/station gates when vehicles are picked up from military locations such as naval or air force stations, as most bases do not allow foreign trucks to enter.

Here are some parts to bear in mind when choosing a vehicle shipping company:

  • Transport Costs are Reduced Shipping Options for Military Vehicles
  • Military Car Shipping Expertise and Experience
  • Optional Military Car Shipping Programs
  • Availability and coverage in the location you desire
  • Company Evaluations
  • Insurance Protection

Why choose us?

  • No carrier assignment, no charge

We work swiftly to find carriers for your vehicle, and we don’t collect credit card payments until we’ve found a reputable auto mover.

  • High compliance standards

We have a carrier compliance department that screens all of the carriers in our network to guarantee that we only work with the most professional, qualified, and committed truckers.

  • Leaders in military PCS vehicle shipping

A PCS move can be stressful for families, but you shouldn’t have to worry about your automobile arriving on time. Our goal is always to make military automobile shipping as stress-free as possible.

  • Excellent customer service

Our customer service team is ready for extended hours 365 days a year. Our representatives will assist you at every step of the automobile transport process. They will also make you aware by sending you updates.

  • Dealerships choose us

Ship your car safely handles the car shipping needs of some of the country’s major dealerships and auto manufacturers. Military soldiers receive the same level of care and attention.

  • Safe military car shipping

Our carriers are all adequately insured, but we additionally hold contingent cargo insurance to ensure that whatever occurs, your concerns are safeguarded.