Cardiac Valve Market Growth 2013 – Analysis, Size, Business Growth, Trends

The surge in diabetes and obesity cases globally is predicted to bolster the cardiac valve market companies in the forecast period. The surge in tobacco and alcohol usage by individuals are predicted to enhance the development of the cardiac valve market in the upcoming period.

The swell in cardiac-related complications is estimated to boost the expansion of the cardiac valve market. The market’s report is efficiently analyzed as per MRFR, which provides outlooks for the global markets. By 2023, the market is estimated to gain a 6.5 % CAGR.

Segmental Analysis

The segmentation of the cardiac valve market is carried out on the basis of type, disease, treatments, end user and region. The type segment of the cardiac valve market consists of a mechanical heart valve, tissue heart valve, and transcatheter heart valve. The regional segment of the cardiac valve market consists of Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Africa and the Middle East. The end users’ segment of the cardiac valve market consists of hospitals & clinics, and cardiac research institute. The disease segment of the cardiac valve market consists of heart valve disease, mitral valve stenosis, and aortic valve replacement. The treatment segment of the cardiac valve market consists of valve repair and valve replacement.

Detailed Regional Analysis 

The regional overview of the cardiac valve market consists of Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Africa and the Middle East. The European cardiac valve market is the next key provider to the global market. The European and the Middle Eastern & African cardiac valve markets are estimated to show promising growth in the forecast period. The national markets in Germany and France are the key suppliers to the cardiac valve market due to many patients with diverse cardiovascular diseases. Around 9.2% of the total resident base in France have various cardiovascular diseases, which is a key causative factor for developing the cardiac valve market in the European region. The Middle Eastern & African regional markets are expected to hold a minimum market cut due to fewer medical amenities and lesser development in the healthcare area.

Competitive Analysis

The government bodies are predicted to pitch in constructively to keep the markets going on the path of development. The revamp in market operations and the effect of lockdowns are anticipated to fuel the market’s progress in the upcoming period. The balance between demand and supply forces should be stabilized to reap the benefits of the market’s progress in the upcoming years. The creation of market niches or specialization is predicted to support the companies’ progress who are operating in the global market. Additionally, the optimization of trade strategies and policies between different countries is estimated to affect the overall market expansion further. The deployment of virtual resources is estimated to bolster the overall market. The market is estimated to reverberate with the developments being initiated in the market. The contenders in the market are estimated to take on a proactive role in the progress of the global market. The focus on accelerating the returns from the capital devoted to innovation is observed to be amplified.

The renowned players in the cardiac valve market are Edwards Lifesciences Corporation (U.S.), St. Jude Medical, Inc. (an Abbott Laboratories Company) (U.S.), Colibri Heart Valve, LLC (U.S.), CryoLife, Inc. (U.S.), LivaNova PLC (U.K.), Symetis SA (Switzerland), Jenavalve Technology, Inc. (Germany), Boston Scientific Corporation (U.S.), TTK HealthCare (India), Lepu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (China), Medtronic, and Braile Biomédica (Brazil)

Industry Updates:

Apr 2021 A newly established health solutions supplier has partnered with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health to provide a “groundbreaking” heart surgery process in KSA. Abdul Latif Jameel Health has introduced the AVNeo (Aortic Valve Neo-cuspitization), consumed in the surgical restoration of the aortic heart valve. It is termed an inexpensive yet safe substitute that creates transfer close to a natural valve associated with other aortic valve replacement techniques. The partnership denotes the presentation of the AVNeo in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), placing Saudi Arabia as the first nation from the region to offer this progressive solution.

Dec 2020 After reforming its heart valve operations and discarding one of its programs last year, LivaNova has determined to trade off the weakening business to Gyrus Capital, the Swiss healthcare-focused investment company, for a base acquisition price of USD 73 million U.S. The transaction comprises of LivaNova’s entire collection, incorporating its sutureless Perceval aortic valve surrogate and about 900 workers across places in Canada, Vancouver, and Saluggia, Italy, outside Turin. The transaction has yet to formally settle on the business’s heart valve company in France; that verdict will be made through a compulsory offer produced by a Gyrus affiliate, which won’t raise the total purchase value.