Celebrate Easter At Home With Cute Easter Dessert Ideas

Easter, the Christian church’s major holiday, commemorates Jesus Christ’s Resurrection on the third day after His Crucifixion. The first recorded Easter festival dates from the 2nd century, though the remembrance of Jesus’ Resurrection is likely to have taken place earlier. On Sunday, April 4, 2021, Easter will be observed.

A cake is the perfect grand finale on Easter Sunday, whether you’re preparing lunch or dinner or dinner. You can put fruit pies, hot cross buns, and other holiday-appropriate snacks on your tray, but everyone knows that Easter cakes give the best (and most tasty) impact. You can look at the collection of recipes online for easy-to-make cakes, loaf, and layer cake recipes that are perfect for every event.

If you just want to welcome everything that the festival has to give, there are also a few suggestions that call for fruit-flavored rabbit, lamb, and chick decorations. Alternatively, if you want to go simple, make a centerpiece-worthy dessert with kinder eggs, jelly beans, Milk chocolate eggs, or other seasonal treats.

In the guide below, we have discussed some cake ideas for you to make on this year’s Easter.

Watercolor Bunny Cake

This cake is one of the widely baked cakes by families all over the world, especially on Easter. The cake is designed using teal, yellow, purple, and pastel pink icing. The end-product will amaze you if you use the correct proportion of all the ingredients that are needed to make this cake. The Watercolor Bunny Cake will surely blast your taste buds off and will make your Easter a memorable one.

Easter Fault Line Cake

The idea of decorating Easter eggs is a pretty old idea. To spice up your Easter a bit more, try decorating a cake with all the tools and ingredients that are used in the making of an Easter egg. The Easter Fault Line Cake will feature a lot of eye-catching stuff including some bunnies, chicks, eggs, and a rainbow made up of pastel swirls. If made correctly, this cake will help you to give a lavish treat to your taste buds.

Star Fill-In Jellybean Cake

Easter is one of the most exciting festivals all over the world as it provides you with the opportunity to taste different types of desserts and cakes. The Star Fill-In Jellybean Cake will make sure that it delivers you all the right proportion of sweetness and taste that your taste buds will remember for ages. This cake is made using Easter candies and colors and the star fill-in technique comes into play too. This technique is utilized here to make jumbo jelly beans that are an essential part of this cake. In order to give this cake a decent finish, you can add some sprinkles or small jelly beans on top of it.

Sweet Chocolate Lamb Cake

Ever thought about celebrating Easter without tasting different types of cakes and desserts? This is quite a haunting thought but with exceptional cake recipes available to you, this is merely a thought. The Sweet Chocolate Lamb Cake is made with utmost perfection and will surely enable you to give a dazzling treat to your taste buds. This cake can be made with any of your chocolate cake recipes. To add extra glamour to your cake, you can use smooth white buttercream icing for decorating it.

This is all from our side. The aforementioned cake ideas will surely enable you to give your taste buds a treat. If you don’t want to spend your Easter in the kitchen and are looking forward to buying a cake online, you can do that from The Pastry Artisan.