Looking to Change Your Current Personal Injury Attorney? Consider Some Factors First

If you are considering switching a new personal injury lawyer to represent you in your injury claim, you must think about some factors first before you make a final decision. These factors include who you wish to take over your case. Experienced injury attorneys Huntington Beach provide a free consultation to hire them and don’t charge you anything upfront.

Reasons You Might Want to Change Attorneys

A lawyer who fails to connect with you will make you think that they do not prioritize your interests. You might want to switch lawyers because of the following reasons:

  • Poor communication. As a client, you expect your attorney to respond to you when you communicate with them. Otherwise, you may feel ignored. Although lawyers often take on several cases and have busy schedules, they must make time to give updates about your injury claim and listen to your concerns. If your attorney fails in this aspect, it only makes sense for you to decide to switch to a better one.
  • Poor work ethic. A great attorney to work with can handle your claim with professionalism. Your claim has a deadline to meet and a lack of professionalism doesn’t inspire confidence, especially if your case goes to trial.
  • Lack of trust. A great lawyer knows the importance of establishing trust with their client to make them comfortable about disclosing information about their claim to them. Also, trust allows the lawyer to handle the claims process with ease and lets you enjoy peace of mind.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Switch

Depending on the status of your claim, you may want to think about some things before you change your attorney. First, you must know if your current lawyer has worked on your claim in the first place. If so, you might need to pay them for this. Often, your new lawyer can talk to your previous lawyer about paying an amount out of any settlement or verdict you may recover when your claim is settled.

Also, you must consider whether a switch is allowed. If your injury claim is in litigation, the court may not allow you to change your lawyer. Lastly, ensure you have a list of experienced lawyers to choose from before you fire your current attorney to avoid delays on your part.

Also, this makes sure you have legal counsel throughout your personal injury claim. The attorneys you have in mind must have successfully helped other clients settle their injury claims in the past.