What is Character Animation in After Effects?

Character animation in after effect is simply the act of giving life to your picture frame. We give life-like features to our artistic display. Our picture frame may include any sketch, layouts, any shape, etc. It is the technique of motion graphics. We did it by using Adobe After Effects Animation processes.

Our construction frame must be very vigilant to improve the quality of our film.

Sketching and labeling

First, we sketch our desire on the frame. We keep it as simple as possible. We draw boundaries around our object and label its every part to prevent us from facing any problem.

After Effects Animation

Then we move our labeled object to photo-shop software. We give it animation effects to present its positive impact. We add every part in different layers to move it into separate frames. Then we add contrast to it with the help of colors. Coloring and layering make our object prominent. It also presents ideas on a computer sheet.

Rigging in after-effects

Then we do rig, and rigging in after effects is a very important process. In rigging, we use a null object as a standard. We add all our photo-shopped layers in our null object. Then we make a link between body parts but in different time frames. It helps with the movement of our thing.

We have to do it with full alertness because it lays the key-frame for our object’s direction. Thus, to present good motion graphics, we must improve our rigging skills.

Addition of key-frames

Then we add different key-frames to our rigged object. These keyframes describe every move of our thing. Then we combine all of them. We fix the problems of troubleshooting in the movement of our object. We tried to make our move as smooth as any user’s eye can feel appealing.

Tools used in Character animation in after effects:

Few tools that https://attackmotiondesign.com/ use in Character animation are as follows:

Rubber hose 2

It was the first tool used in motion graphics. In it, we use the Plug-in technique to add after-effects in character animation. It is so feasible to use because of its built-in features. We can add our hoses to the time frame. It eases the movement of our structure.


DUIK is the most used site for animations and rigging. It is an online tool free of cost, which contains many advanced features that give our dynamic style to our portrayal.

Joysticks and Sliders

It is more like playing the game because of its neon effects. You have to add your parts of the image in the auto rig frame, and it will set the movement of your stand on its own.

Puppet tool 3

The biggest ease of this tool is its Pins to null feature. It automatically set the frame for your character rigging and animation. It gives both kinetic and dynamic effects to our pictorial representation.

Adobe Character Animation

In their latest after-effect release, they launched the feature of Character animation Beta. You have to sketch your frame. Then you set goals for your graphics. Finally, its advanced features auto-tune your layers according to the structure adjusted and gives it kinetic effects.


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