Choosing Top freight forwarders in UAE

You want to hire Top freight forwarders in the UAE to organize your international transport, but how do you find the best? 

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself in order to find the ideal transport partner: the one who will offer you optimal service and support the international development of your activity over the long term.

  1. Its expertise specific to your field: a freight forwarder qualified for your activity will provide you with customer references for transport comparable to yours. This is the guarantee of experience and expertise that is often useful, if not essential.
  2. Its belonging to a network: Integrated networks may seem more reassuring at first glance, but they are actually more restrictive and more limited than networks of independent agents. An independent forwarder is free to compete and find for you the best service provider for each destination. Through independent networks, he can count on partners all over the world, who like him know their geographical area and their specificities perfectly well. These networks reference and audit specialists for each specialty, with the necessary approvals to provide quality service: medical logistics, automotive, aeronautics, industrial projects, e-commerce, etc.
  3. Its ability to diversify modes of transport: a forwarder who juggles with multi-modal transport will always be able to offer you the optimal option according to your cost / time constraints.
  4. Its capacity for consolidation: it is interesting for a company that does not have sufficient volumes to fill a container to be able to benefit from consolidation, with, as a corollary, lower transport costs.
  5. His approvals and certifications: he must of course be an IATA and FIATA agent, Registered Customs Representative. Also ask him if he has Chartered Economic Operator certifications (AEO-Full, AEO-C or AEO-S). The AEO-Full certification guarantees you a high level of quality, conformity and reliability. This European customs trust mark is recognized on the international scene, an advantage for speeding up and streamlining certain procedures.
  6. His insurance: which ones has he taken out? What are the guarantees?
  7. Its other services: Can it provide you with services such as warehousing, packaging, distribution to multiple recipients?
  8. Its monitoring policy: how does it communicate on the progress of your shipments? Does it offer online tracking facilities for your goods? Does it wait for you to carry out this monitoring yourself, or will an operator monitor your movements to alert you in the event of an abnormality?
  9. Its staff: how long have employees worked for the company? The experience is a guarantee of reputation and serenity.
  10. Its ability to respond quickly and precisely to your request, with detailed costs, services and deadlines. To evaluate it, ask for a quote.


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