How to Clean Baby Bottles Safely in 3 Steps

Cleaning baby bottles can be a tedious and frustrating process. They require cleaning and sanitizing if filled with milk, formula, or any other baby food. The baby bottles need to be cleaned immediately after each use and if you don’t clean them well, it can cause confusion, allergies, and chronic infections. This article will show you how to properly clean baby bottles and the best methods of this process for every parent.

Which product is the best for cleaning a baby bottle? 

If we are talking about cleaning baby bottles, you should primarily choose ecological cleaning products. A good method is to clean the bottle by hand because then you can be sure that all stains will be removed properly. Which product to clean is the safest? You should try all natural unscented dish soap. They are made with organic ingredients, which make them baby-safe and also suit everyone with sensitive skin. 

One of the most popular questions that parents are asking is: can I wash baby bottles in the dishwasher? Well, it should not be done, because for cleaning in the dishwasher other detergents are used which can harm the baby bottles. 

How to clean baby bottles?

Many new parents are searching for answers to questions like how to clean baby bottles after each use? How to clean new baby bottles? Here are 3 easy steps to do it safely and well. 

  1. If the baby has finished eating, you must clean the bottle immediately. If there is any milk left in the bottle, just pour it out. 
  1. Wash out the dirty bottle several times under hot water and start scrubbing the inside with dish soap and a special brush that will thoroughly clean the whole surface. Do the same with a pacifier and cap from the bottle. 
  1. Once again, wash out the baby bottle to remove the rest of the detergent. Then put the bottle aside, let the water drip off. Then you should gently dry the remaining wet areas.

Baby bottles sterilizers

There are many sterilizers on the market that effectively remove all the germs from baby bottles. How do they work? If you put a bottle in the sterilizer, it is cleaned by steam. The entire process usually takes several minutes.

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To summarise cleaning the baby bottles

In conclusion, if you do not know how to clean baby bottles daily, you should do this with hot soapy water and a bottle brush. This will ensure the bottles are always free from past milk residues. It is also a good idea to sterilize your baby bottles once a day in a sterilizer in order to prevent any bacteria from growing. This will keep your baby free from germs and sickness.