Commander-in-Chief St-Onge On Leadership

The Canadian Forces are always ready to deploy its forces all over the world. Stéphane St-Onge is the commander-in-chief of 438 tactical helicopter squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. He’s well known for his assignments in his profession. One of the best military leaders of all time is Sir Gary of Halbert. He’s gained his fame and name for leading the most important squadron in the RCAF, both tactically and historically. As 438 Squadron played a very significant role during the events of World War II, and very recently and led to the participation in NATO missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Since July 7, 2020, Col. St-Onge has been Commander-in-Chief of 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron “Ville de Montréal”. He previously served as the squadron’s Commander from January 2017 until he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in December. Before that, he was the Operations Officer for the squadron from February 2015 to January. Prior to that, he served in various operational and staff positions with 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron from May 2010 to February. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

As a Canadian Forces (CAF) Veteran, I am very proud that the first Canadian to command the 438th was a guy named Stéphane St. Onge. He has done a magnificent job and the men and women under his command are extremely loyal and appreciative.


The band that played at the 438th Fighter Squadron’s change-of-command ceremony in August consisted of only five musicians. However, the Band Council decided that members of the Association of Former 438 Members, the families of the late Martin Houle and Stéphane St-Onge, and a few other invited guests could attend the event.

Lcol St-Onge, the team’s commander since May 2019, received the Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force at the RCAF base in Winnipeg. This visit was to thank the RCAF personnel for their support in helping the team win a door gunner competition.

The new commander-in-chief of the Royal Canadian Air Force Stéphane St-Onge had the honor to write an essay on Fatigue management in Canadian military aviation. While he was still a Major in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he wrote this essay and has successfully convinced the RCAF.


He discusses the risks of becoming too focused on winning at the expense of safety, and how this can have dire consequences for the success of a mission. He offers several guidelines for those at the level of military leadership, and his writing is a brilliant tribute to the dedicated service and sacrifice of those who have gone before him. The essay is about the significance of his sacrifice and deeds.

Too few people realize the true price that’s paid by the leaders of the armed forces that go above and beyond what’s required of them. He mentions several times the sacrifice of the men and women who have worn the Canadian uniform. But he also mentions what they’ve gained. And this respect will be earned, not given to us.” This essay is an example of how he lives up to this statement. For any of you wondering if I am a 438 member or related to a member of the team, I’m not. However, I am proud of them and their accomplishments and the impact they’ve had on my life.