Common Dental Issues In Kids

Childhood is undoubtedly one of the golden parts of our lives and it is a time which is filled with every enthusiastic thing that we can cover ourselves with. Exploration and growth are among their peak , and due to this occasional dental problems and oral issues can arise. It can be either a result of an accident , or consuming lots of sugars which further leads to cavities . Generally there isn’t much difference between the ailments of an adult to that of a kid , but due to their growing factor , and also teeth are in their development stages , so they need more care as untreated conditions during early stages can lead to serious health issues when we turn adults. This is why it is so important to understand common dental problems about kids and also about their preventive measures. Let’s take a look at some of the oral problems that happen in kids.

Cavities or Tooth Decay

As kids we aren’t aware of the correct way of brushing or flossing our teeth. While many of us as adults too ignore the technique, children Orthodontists at El Cajon, advise parents to supervise their kids from a young age. Also chocolates and sugars make a tooth vulnerable to cavities , since it invites bacteria to feed on them and they damage the enamel portion of the teeth.

Sensitivity of Teeth

Sensitivity is an unpleasant form of distraction and you can feel it while consuming things which are either cold or too hot. Sensitivity in a tooth can be caused by various issues such as area of decay , grinding of teeth – which children do often , a cracked or missing tooth , acid erosion caused by excessive use of beverages .


A common oral disease among adults, but can also contract kids and is termed as Pediatric gingivitis. Red and swollen gums, and bleeding of gum while brushing indicates the possibility of gingivitis in children.

Gum Diseases

It is more aggressive in children than in adults and hence is a serious oral issue to look after  if your kid has developed one. Often your dentist may ask you to follow a certain pattern to avoid such circumstances and Upon consulting near me one of the best pediatric dentists in El Cajon asked me to look for signs of gingivitis first because they only lead to gum diseases in kids. Gum diseases involve pain in the mouth , recession of the gum and areas of cavity.

Anxiety and Phobias

The instruments used in dental surgery happen to be scary for some of the kids and it can affect their psychology In understanding the need to visit a dentist whenever oral issues arise. This can impart anxiety In them and due to fear and phobia , they might drop the plan to visit a professional every time they face oral issues.

Understanding a kid’s psychology is thus very important for their overall development.

Grinding Teeth

You can find your kids grinding their teeth too often . For them , it is a way of expressing some emotion or a part of a daily habit that they do for fun. This can cause the outer layer of a tooth to wear off , thus exposing them to serious dental issues.

Bad Breath

Bad breath , also known as halitosis can happen at any age and can affect anyone. Halitosis is triggered by conditions like gum diseases, cavities, and plaque. Bacteria add to halitosis by producing hydrogen sulfide which can lead to bad breaths in the mouth. Other issues which are not so common but can lead to bad breath are chronic sinusitis , diabetes that can be genetic , tooth decay and digestive problems that directly affect our oral health.

Orthodontic Problems

It is not possible for us all to have straight and aligned teeth since we are born , only a few portion of people possess that and hence there are many Orthodontic problems that persist which can lead to further issues when we become adults. But not to worry , Children’s dentistry has developed over years and is more advanced now , so every possible cure is available.

Bottom Line:

Growing smiles in the world should be the purpose of children’s dentists and all other people who look after the oral health of individuals. It is good to start maintaining oral health from an early age as it will help us to understand the importance of benefiting through it by just putting simple efforts In our daily lives.