Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes

Older homes have some sort of charm and character that most modern homes lack, and several of these properties are still standing today. Some people still live in such homes, and they can have some problems due to how old and damaged the structures usually are.

Among the problems present in old Florida homes can be found in the old plumbing systems. People will find more problems in the plumbing in less-maintained homes. Florida homeowners must understand the condition of their home’s plumbing conditions, and they can do so by on the plumbing services of reliable plumbing companies in Florida. Just because old homes have plumbing problems doesn’t mean that people can’t live in them anymore.

The first thing to do to resolve some of the issues that old homes have is to know the common plumbing problems. Among them are the following:

Outdated Materials

Most homes built before the 1990s can have pipes made from materials no longer approved by the United States building codes. Any renovations done afterward may have replaced some if not all of the pipes, but it’s better to check to replace them when needed.

Most pipe problems will come from pipes made from outdated materials failing. If a property has lead, galvanized, or polybutylene pipes, they must be replaced as soon as possible.

Pipe Bellies

Any pipes installed under homes by burying them in the ground or encasing them in a concrete slab will be affected by the gradual movement of the house over time. When the pipes shift downwards, the pipes can create negative slopes or bellies that effectively restrict water flow and create pools that accumulate sediment or waste, which can cause stoppages or leaks.

Trenchless pipe bursting repair may be necessary to solve the problem, and the homeowners will need to rely on a professional plumber for it.

Bad Past Repairs

Chances are, past homeowners have already had the old house fixed and renovated multiple times as they suffered leaks and other inconveniences with their plumbing systems. However, not all plumbing services and repairs are the same, and the homeowners could have repaired their pipes themselves or cheaped out and looked for handymen or unreliable plumbers to handle the repairs.

Such shoddy repairs can lead to more damages and result in more severe and expensive mistakes, like unsafe water heaters and improperly sloped showers. It’s best to rely on a professional plumber service to handle the repairs.