Complete Assurance in DME Prior Authorization

It has been an interesting quarter for a lot of providers around the DMEPOS industry. For instance, Apria Healthcare reported net revenue of $286.3 million for the second quarter of 2021 and was up to 6.4% compared with the same time in 2020.

According to the leadership of Apria healthcare, they are quite happy as they delivered another strong quarter with their financial results in 2021 with success in all three metrics.

Merger and acquisitions around the DME market has skyrocketed during the last one year. To add up, Quipt Home medical recently acquired a company which has its operations in Missouri for about $2.25 million and that too in cash. It has added almost 15,000 active patients and almost 1500 referring physicians who are unique.

Strategic acquisitions are a focus for DME companies who are looking to consolidate on the immense opportunities at hand. A lot of it can be contributed to outsourcing of DME revenue cycle management to competent partner.

It has given the opportunity for many to focus on their growth priorities without worrying about practice management efforts. No problem with DME prior authorization makes it possible for many to drive their ROI possibilities.

The Sunknowledge edge in DME prior authorization

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