Complete student guide on admission at University of Arkansas

The United States of America is home to some of the top universities in the world. If we talk about quality education and well-disciplined institutes, the USA has it all. One of the leading institutes of the US is the University of Arkansas. Known for its strong and diverse academics, you can find a community of passionate learners and teachers at this place. This article will explain how local and international students can get admission to the University of Arkansas. Read on to learn the entire process.

Admission guide for ALL programs:

Numerous programs are offered at the University of Arkansas since the students’ community is diverse. Local and international students enroll in different subjects. The University has admission criteria for each program, which the students must follow. Following are the admission requirements for Masters, Ph.D., and Graduate certificate programs.

Admission Requirements for Master’s Program:

The University is keen to select those students who are critical thinkers and interested in lifting society up. Apart from academics, the students are also checked for their leadership and thinking abilities. The requirements for enrollment in a Master’s degree are:

  • Academic Record: Certain things are sure to be asked when applied for admission to a Master’s degree. The academic record includes the academic performance, GPA from the last 60 credit hours and a Bachelor’s degree.
  • GMAT/GRE Test: The admission decision greatly depends on the applicant’s score in tests like Graduate Management Admission Test and Graduate Record Examination.
  • Statement of Purpose: Students must express their growth potential, background, employment history and statement of purpose.
  • Application Form: Students are advised to apply online. The institute will send students an email with information about how to activate their Applicant Center. Once activated, students will upload the documents and letters of recommendation there.
  • Application Fee: An amount of $60 will be paid as an application fee. The fee is non-refundable; however, it can be waived under certain situations. NO application will be processed with the payment.


Documentation is the most important step in the admission process. One missing paper can stop the application from further processing. Students need to consider the advice of education Consultants in Pakistan. Their guidance will help you upload the required documents without missing anything out. Following documents are necessary for the admission process at the University of Arkansas.

  • Resume: The resume must be updated, covering all the history of internships and employment. It should have all the collegiate, professional and societal activities. Foreign language proficiency and awards and certificates are plus points in a resume.
  • Transcripts: Students should upload unofficial transcripts for initial processing and interview. Once done with the initial process, official transcripts from all the institutes must be uploaded. The transcripts must be sent in sealed envelopes.
  • Letters of Recommendation: The University requires the students to submit three letters of recommendation to support their application form. One letter should be from the last institute. One from the individual who is familiar with your professional career and performance. The third letter should be from someone familiar with your account as a student.

Admission Requirement for Ph.D. Program:

The students who are willing to enroll as doctoral students must be good researchers and potential leaders. The University is keen to select those who show good analytical and research abilities. The requirements for a doctoral program are discussed here.

  • Academic Record: The academic record is assessed using the Master’s GPA of the applicants. Students should also have a Master’s degree from an accredited institute.
  • GMAT/GRE Test: The institute assesses an applicant’s aptitude by checking his/her score in GMAT and GRE tests. The admission decision is based on the results of these tests.
  • Purpose Statement: students should express their motivation, strength, background, and statement of purpose.
  • Academic Research: Applicants should show their abilities as potential researchers by presenting an academic research paper.
  • Application Form: Students should fill an online form for admission. The form contains some complicated steps which can’t be altered once filled. Applicants must seek the advice of education consultants in Pakistan to avoid any mishap in form filling.
  • Application Fee: Applicants must pay the application fee. Once deposited, the fee is non-refundable.

Documents Required:

Following documents are necessary for admission in a doctoral program.

  • Resume: A resume is mandatory for applicants willing to enroll in the Ph.D. program. It should contain info about curricular activities and the employment history.
  • Transcripts: Official and unofficial transcripts are required for the completion of the process. The initial process requires unofficial documents, while the final stage will need official transcripts and degrees.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Applicants should present at least three letters of recommendation at the time of admission. These letters are to strengthen the application of the students.

Why hire the services of education consultants?

Applying to a university and completing the admission process is a hectic process and requires great attention and care. Students often find it difficult to complete the process successfully. To avoid any mishaps and ensure the timely completion of the process, top education virtual consultants‘ services are necessary.