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Do you have a problem in any organ of the upper part of your abdomen? If yes, then you should not overlook or delay the health issues. The more you delay the health problems, the more you will suffer from the disease. If you have a pain in your upper abdomen, then it is necessary to get diagnosed before it gets too late. You need to know where the exact problem lies in your upper abdomen which gives pain. To know the precise problem, your doctor will suggest you to do an endoscopy. Many people get scared of the term endoscopy which is basically a nonsurgical procedure to assess the digestive tract of a person by using an endoscope. What is exactly an endoscope? It is a flexible tube which has a camera and light attached to the tube which further helps your doctor to see the images of your digestive tract with the help of a colour TV monitor. Make an appointment with the renowned and highly experienced endoscopy doctor in the best endoscopy hospital to get an accurate test report of your disease. 

Short Note On Endoscopy

While doing an endoscopy of the upper part of the abdomen, your doctor will pass through an endoscope in the mouth and throat which will then pass through the esophagus. Your doctor will have a closer view of the stomach, esophagus and the entire upper part of your small intestine. Endoscopy can be done in the large intestine as well to know about the problems in the large intestine. The endoscope is passed in the colon through the rectum which will help assess the area of the large intestine. When your colon is examined with the help of an endoscope, then it is called a colonoscopy. Similarly, if you have problems in your pancreas or in the gallbladder, then cholangiopancreaticography which is a special form of endoscopy is executed in the specific part of your gallbladder or pancreas. The endoscopy reports help doctors to know the current condition of an organ. Also, information on various parts of the digestive tract can be obtained from the endoscopy reports.

Need Of Endoscopy 

The health care professionals will suggest you for an endoscopy to assess the condition of the upper digestive tract. If you have gastritis, stomach ache, difficulty in swallowing food, ulcers, bleeding in the digestive tract, polyps in the colon or changes in the bowel movements, then you will be recommended to go for endoscopy. In order to know the presence of a disease, your health care professional may use an endoscope to remove the tissue of an affected organ. People who have a digestive tract issue, then endoscopy will be essential for you. For instance, if you have bleeding in the colon or if you have ulcer in any organ, then the devices used in the endoscope can stop internal bleeding. With the help of the devices used in the endoscope, polyps can be eliminated in the colon in order to avert colon cancer. Even gallstones can be eliminated from the gallbladder with the use of an endoscope.

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