Cost of Living in Brisbane: Top 4 Essentials to Inevitably Consider

A lot of people move to Australia not only for the fantastic views and serene environment that magnetize them but also for the opportunities that await their careers and families. One of its cities loved by tourists and migrants is Brisbane. Although it is a major zone in the continent, Brisbane is said to be among the most affordable Australian cities to live in, for students, for singles and even for families. Together with that, of course, wise money management makes everything better.

Now, if you are looking into moving to Brisbane in the future for whatever significant reason, you must know that it’s not really a piece of cake. There are loads of things to handle and fix first, including documents, certificates and payments. What’s more, if you are planning to live there soon, you must think of the long-term situations that you will have to face and get used to. 

You must be well-informed about the cost of living in Brisbane, and the elements that you have to ponder on. Remember, you cannot just go there unprepared. You cannot simply book your flights to Brisbane for a life-changing decision without actually getting ready. If you are sure and serious about relocating your home to the capital city of Queensland, then know that it is another chapter you are going to take, and you must be completely equipped. 

Below are top 4 essentials that you will have to inevitably consider regarding the cost of living in Brisbane. With tips for more budget-friendly choices, the list is there to assist you! 


You cannot move to and live in Brisbane without a place. First and foremost, the top priority is housing and accommodation. It’s possible that you can already have a house there if you fortunately saved up a lot to pay for one or if you inherited one. However, in most cases, people living in Brisbane because of work and studies rent accommodation which they pay for every month or whenever the contract with the landlord indicates.  

Take note that the closer you live to the city, the more expensive the rates will be. And the prices are rising fast too! Accommodation and houses situated near the Central Business District are quite pricier than those away. That’s because having them within reach means that your necessities are easier to obtain too. The place is close to offices, businesses and high-quality transportation means as well. 

If you are aiming for the cheapest option, then go share a room with somebody to cut off costs from your budget. This is highly recommended if you are planning to move alone (or alone for now) to Brisbane, and you’re still saving up to actually purchase a better place.


Next to the accommodation, utilities are very important as you live anywhere in the world. Rates vary from country to country and even from city to city in Australia. Of course, your usage has a huge say in this, but look at the general facets to consider.

Going back to rental accommodation, you need to find out if your rent is inclusive or exclusive of the  bills such as electricity, gas, water and even Internet connection. If it’s not included, you have to be prepared with more cash for these needed utilities. You will use them functionally everyday, so in these terms, you should not really expect to get the cheapest bill amounts, especially if you are going to live with a family there. 

For your home Internet, it does depend on the plan you will subscribe to. You need a strong and stable Internet connection because as everyone knows, the Internet today is no longer for fun only; it has also become an essential for communication, work and studies. Electricity depends on the number of electronic appliances you often use, plus mobile gadgets you utilize and charge too. That does not include yet the number of people using them and the hours of activity. The same thing with gas for cooking and heating. 

For running costs, mainly water, these must be managed by your landlord and chipped in by all occupants if it’s a shared apartment. On the other hand, if you are in a single detached home rental, you will be accountable for the total payment of your water bills. Definitely the same thing if you will live in your own house in Brisbane.

3 – FOOD

A basic human necessity, food cannot be forgotten when thinking of living in Brisbane. Although there are many restaurants, fast food chains and other sources around, again, you have to concentrate on long-term circumstances. Since you will not simply be traveling anymore in Brisbane but actually staying there for good, food cannot be insufficient. 

Yes, what many love about Brisbane is its possession of numerous restaurants that suit every taste and satisfy every craving! From sophisticated and luxurious food spots to wallet-friendly and casual dining, there are tons of options to enjoy. Food can cost you a lot of money, especially if you go out frequently, both for leisure and work/school or either. You might not easily notice how much you have already spent because you are delighted by delicious grubs. That’s why you also have to be careful when it comes to spending on food.   

For everyday food at home, the cheapest option is to buy food from the supermarket instead of restaurants and other stores selling food at dear price. Fresh food markets are available, too, so visit and buy from them because they offer local produce that are fresh straight from the farmers. Moreover, fresh food market products are mostly cheap, and you can buy them in bulk which makes them even more economical, especially for budget-conscious consumers.  


Lastly, as you will move here and there in Brisbane because of work, school and fun, public transportation is to be chiefly evaluated. The city has unique features and provisions that only Brisbane has and executes, so you must scrutinize them and be familiar with them too.

The Go Card is used in Brisbane to travel in trains, buses, ferries, trams and air trains which go back and forth the airport. You have to buy this card and have it loaded and maintained with a minimum ride balance. Go Cards are sold in 711, news agencies, busway stations and train stations. Check out discounts exclusive for specific types of people and for particular occasions. 

If you are looking into buying a car in Brisbane, there are those selling decent cars even with secondhand. Cars can get pretty expensive, including insurance, registration, services, fuel and more, so you really have to be financially ready if you want one in this city. 

The cheapest and more stress-free transportation item, the bicycle waves at you. Not to mention, the city council has a project that encourages people in Brisbane to use bikes instead of cars and instead of commuting to reduce unhealthy gas emissions. In this project, the city provides bicycles for those who want to partake, so it really is a congenial objective that eliminates the hesitation from those who want to join and help. No traffic jams and public transport delays for individuals and lessened pollution for Mother Nature. 



No doubt, Brisbane is one of those cities in Australia that you’d dream of living in for a lifetime. With majestic scenery, peaceful surroundings, eco-friendly perspectives and fantastic lifestyles, this city definitely gives you a bunch of reasons to adore it! That’s surely why a lot of people travel to it and some choose to stay in it for good, regardless of whether it is work-related or not. 

Just always keep in mind that if moving to Brisbane belongs to your dreams or ongoing plans, the cost of living in it must be clear and understandable for you. You have to be geared up in every aspect, and if you will be going with your family, of course, that’s another organizing to do. All aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial state of yours must be up for it before anything else! When you have already contemplated the costs and components to consider, and all is set, then it’s time.



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