Creating a Customer Acquisition Plan

As you all know the process of customer acquisition is well-thought-out and systematic, success cannot be achieved overnight. There are a few actionable steps that can be incorporated to strategize your customer acquisition plan.

Identify your customer type

Before you ideate a business, you will have a TG or target group in mind which is basically the ideal customer type – what problems do they have that you are solving? Who are these customers? Do they need to be a particular age group? Gender? Fall in any specific demographic category?

It is important to have clarity about this so your marketing efforts to acquire customers are in sync and precise. You needn’t be all over the place targeting everyone under the sun. A simple example to understand this is if you are selling sanitary tissues, you know who your target group is – females who fall in the age group 13-45; they could be middle class to rich, based out of cities where your product is available etc
When this is clear, the customer acquisition strategy through various modes will become much easier as you will know what is the pain point you are solving and for whom? You will be more relatable to your TG.

Define your business goals

Once you know who your target audience is, you need to know what are your objectives and goals – what are you trying to achieve through your customer acquisition plan?

  • Are you trying to create awareness about your brand?
  • Are you trying to make people physically visit your store?
  • Are you trying to get them to reach out to you via a Phone call with their inquiries or schedule an appointment?
  • If there is enough awareness already, are you trying to get them to make a purchase?

Once these goals are defined it becomes even easier to fine-tune your efforts as you have the clarity about which route you want to go.

Deciding the platform to reach out to the customer

Once you’ve identified your target audience and goals, you need to figure out how you want to reach out to them. Customer acquisition channels are available both online and offline. A few ways to acquire customers online include:

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing works in tandem with a good SEO strategy. You can’t just keep generating good content and not market it properly, it needs to have the right keywords, it needs to be back-linked to the right places, it needs to be very relevant, etc. The SEO strategy results in organic leads and takes a while to materialize but it is worth the effort.

2. Social Media Marketing

This is a more interactive form of acquiring your customers as you can respond to their queries, reply to their DMs, start conversations, post interesting and interactive content to increase followers.

3. Paid Advertising (PPC)

This channel gives instant results, you can do Google paid ads, or Facebook ads or LinkedIn paid ads – as long as you are bidding on the right keywords, you will remain visible to the intended audience.

Review and course correct

Once you have a budget decided and all your customer acquisition efforts are in place, you need to see what is working well for you, what can be tweaked to get better results, where your Cost per acquisition is too high, where is it nominal? All these things need to be evaluated from time to time and revised accordingly.

Also, it is very easy to overshoot your marketing budget – set a budget and as you see results keep pumping in more.
When one is on the internet and reaching out to customers via different channels and interactions, the interaction is not always good. Sometimes you have people writing slanderous statements and posting fake reviews about you – this needs to be controlled as well via a good online reputation management services company such as Rep India. Your reviews and how you have perceived on the internet play a great role in bringing more customers on board.

So yes, while you may be doing all the right things for customer acquisition you cannot ignore the collateral damage that may be taking place.