Creative Uses for Metallic Cardstock

You can use almost any type of paper or cardstock (assuming you’re working with the right paper weight) to create the inspirational craft ideas listed in this article, but when you make them with metallic cardstock, your finished artwork will shine and shimmer. Using reflective materials like metallic paper or cardstock will add a new dimension of intrigue to any of the following!

  1. Pearlescent Metallic invitation envelopes

You can’t just send out invitations without an envelope to accompany them, and what better way to make an invitation pop than with a custom-made metallic envelope to complement its unique colors?

Experiment with different weights in cardstock or metallic paper till you find one that is just heavy enough without being difficult to fold. One metric you can use for identifying the suitability of a paper for making an envelope of a card or envelope is GSM, or grams per square meter. There’s no hard or fast rule, but paper or cardstock with around 100 to 130 GSM are heavier and better for high quality, bespoke envelopes, such as you would use for a wedding or a party.

Then all you need is a pattern or a template, some creativity, and some metallic cardstock to create your vision – speaking of which – see the next category for additional ideas for inspiration.

  1. Cut your own lettering for decoration and design

You can also cut your own letters and emblems using a Cricut (or similar machine) to create little decorative fixtures for your cards, envelopes, scrapbooking and other creative pursuits.

Sure, you can decorate your cards and envelopes with calligraphy as well – but you can give them an equally custom-look and finish with a metallic lettering. The next time you’re going to send out a set of greeting cards,, consider decorating them with metallic lettering.

  1. Create lustrous gift boxes and tags

Are plain, store bought gift bags and name tags no longer cutting it for you? Then make – or cut (literally) your own! Do so with metallic cardstock, and you’ll add a whole new, personalized element to your gifts.

Even a simple trinket box or a geometric name tag will offer plenty of character when cut from metallic paper, and you can do so easily – there are tons of templates and patterns available online!

  1. Creative garlands, banners, and decorative accents

Looking for a way to brighten up the great indoors? Do so with a custom metallic paper garland! Simply settle on a few themes or symbols, cut them from metallic paper, string them together and hang them up. You can make seasonal or themed decorations, too, or make a cut paper banner to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a homecoming, or whatever else is on the horizon.

  1. Paper ornaments

Metallic cardstock, especially in heavier weights, can be used to cut unique paper ornaments. Ideal for decorating throughout the year, you can also cut seasonal or themed ornaments for celebrating the holidays. If the store-bought decorations have lost their “luster,” and no longer appeal to you, restore your setting’s shine with some metallic paper ornaments in seasonal themes and designs.

  1. Paper votive candle wraps

Need to add a little light to a setting, in more than one way? Create cute little paper votives from metallic cardstock! Not only will the reflective surface of the paper work better for paper votives than the plain and colored paper that are frequently used for the same purpose, but you can also cut designs into the sides of the votives that will shine on the walls when the candles are lit. Remember to only use battery-operated votive candles inside your paper wraps!

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