Custom candle boxes for packaging


Candles in most households are used for more than one purpose and are thus produced and packaged in various appropriate candle packaging boxes accordingly. You may purchase personalized candle packaging for candles that can be used on various occasions. GCP is among some of the renowned candle box providers who, with excellent services, allow you to print your fascinatingly written luxury candle box. Custom candle boxes give your product a long-lasting impression. We ensure the best packaging for candles in the USA.

Wholesale sets of candles

Candle packaging may be used as candle show boxes, packaging boxes, and candle gift boxes for various purposes. Packaging candles give your handmade or ready-made candles an enticing view and security. GCP offers personalized candle boxes in all colors, sizes, and types. We will give you innovative packaging options from big to tiny candle boxes and create a wonderfully relaxing experience. GCP supports independent companies and is the best outlet for all your boxes for candle packaging. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and export of different carton boxes to various industries. Our experience in label printing is also up to date for candle jars. We are proud to deliver worldwide satisfactory printing services.

Wholesale Candle Packaging USA

Are you struggling to determine the right custom package for candle packaging? You don’t have to think about that. GCP is the only luxury candle packaging company in town with 100% free design support. Dispose of our free design services to give your printed candle packing boxes a personalized touch. On your personalized candle box, we can also print your business logo and contact details of your choosing.

Custom Free Quote

A free custom quote may be requested at any time. You want to get a regular price quote or give your candle boxes a fantastic look. Our cost department can increase the cheapest prices for various amounts. For all your candle packaging needs, our polite and professional sales representatives support you 24/7.

Free delivery of bulk candle boxes around the world

Are you concerned about the expense and handling of shipping? You need not! You don’t need to! GCP offers free shipping and guarantees the careful handling of your product. We make sure that you get the personalized candle containers on time. To find your shipment status, you can get your shipment tracking id from our Customer Service department.


Wonderfully made and affordable customized candle boxes for you

Candles make a beautiful gift. If these candles are placed in bright and elegant candle boxes, the effect is even more enduring. Candles of any scale, shapes, colors such as black and fragrances may be. These are some of the most common but inexpensive decoration pieces often displayed in glamorous and brilliant boxes in order to boost their visual appeal. This helps the opinions of prospective customers to be grasped. packaging offers you a unique and magnificent range of custom candle boxes that perfectly suits the packaging needs of each candle product. We are one of the world’s largest suppliers of inexpensive Candle Boxes, great to pack your candles as gifts. Boost the value of your candle by tailoring your displays with our candle boxes. Our window candles are suitable because they have a small oval, rectangular, or square cutout so without opening a box you can look at the candles.


Candle shipping boxes at DnPackaging are available for movement, transportation, and distribution in a range of sizes at low prices. We use the long-lasting, stable, and finest stock standard of your choosing to manufacture these boxes which can be modified in all dimensions. Depending on candles, you can opt to incorporate different color schemes and designs. We deliver high-quality Candle Boxes, for example, hot-foil styling, silver stamping, UV covering, and barcoding, in your favorite shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and designs. The candle traders pay particular attention to packaging their candles and candles to build a demand for their goods. Colorful candles are bright and funky so that they are packaged in bright and funky boxes to cater to the young consumers.


Fragrant candles can be packed to complement them in rosy, personalized boxes. Scented and floating candles are packaged in windows and color-relieving boxes to make them notable to the target customers. The Black Candle Boxes and Pillar Candle Boxes immediately catch the audience’s attention, raise sales and give the audience a reason to prefer your candle product over other items. Our candle boxes are an excellent and special way to display your votives, tealights, or pillar candles. The boxes can be added for enhancement of their beauty with various embellishments like bows, glittery ribbons, tiny paper flowers, and much more.


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