Encase Your Hot Flavored Popcorns in Elegant Popcorn Boxes to Get Maximum Sales

Popcorn is considered one of the oldest and popular snacks worldwide. It is obtained after popping a special kind of flinty or vitreous maize, which comprises of endosperm with tightly packed starch granules and test weight at least 10–12 kg higher compared to regular corn.

After this process, the popcorn is merchandized in three kernel types that are white, small yellow, and large yellow. Kernels of white popcorn are usually rice-shaped, while small and large yellow popcorns are pearl-shaped. There is very tough competition in the market about popcorn manufacturing. In order to make your brand stand out unique get attractive popcorn boxes.

custom Popcorn Packaging

Choose a Durable Material for Your Popcorn Packaging

Choose sustainable material for your popcorn packaging. However, the popcorn is the staple snack for celebrating parties, get-togethers, movie nights, etc. Every person likes to eat popcorn while watching a movie.

There are very durable materials out in the market which you can choose for your popcorn packaging. However, these materials accept the printing processes nicely. The following are the materials for your popcorn packaging:

  • Kraft Popcorn Packaging
  • Corrugated Popcorn Packaging
  • Cardstock Popcorn Packaging
  • Rigid Popcorn Packaging

These all discussed above are durable materials available for keeping popcorns hot and delicious. These materials are cost-effective for custom popcorn packaging.

Further, you can also modify the popcorn packaging with the help of packaging experts, which are available in competent companies. You can also alter the size and shape.

The experts give you the flexibility to change the thickness of the popcorn packaging material according to your popcorn requirements. So, go for availing of kraft material as it is a biodegradable and recyclable material.

Go for Adding Some Artwork on The Popcorn Packaging.

You can also avail of custom mini popcorn boxes by adding amazing artwork. The packaging experts can customize the popcorn packaging by adding quotes to the boxes. Further, you can embrace the popcorn packaging by adding the following specifications:

  • Brand Logo
  • Advertisement Message or Post
  • Event Specific Designs
  • Quotations

The popcorn packaging creates an amazing addition to any event of your choice. Following are some of the popcorn embracement ideas which you can adopt:

Popcorn Packaging wholesale

Quotation Popcorn Packaging

The popcorn box with quotations looks very elegant. You can just send a message to someone with the help of a quotation. If you are popcorn box is plain, you can add a quotation to it to make it look attractive.

You can also add:

  • Company’s Logo
  • Tagline
  • Heartedly Message.

Popcorn Boxes with Glittery Patterns

You can add glittery patterns to the custom popcorn boxes. Moreover, you can also insert foiling on the popcorn packaging. People like to see packaging, which is eye-captivating. You can make it look attractive by adding up the gold paper on the popcorn packaging.

So, what the benefit of gold paper? The gold color sheet is used in this box type to enhance the popcorn box’s outlook.

Geometrical Shapes on Popcorn Boxes

The geometrical shapes on popcorn packaging enhance the outlook. Therefore, you can add straight lines, wavy lines, and different sizes of semi-circles on the top of the popcorn packaging beautifully.

Moreover, you can also add up anything of your choice to the popcorn box. There are amazing neon colors that you can add to the popcorn packaging, such as bright yellow, neon green, fluorescent pink, etc.

Get Your Choice Sizes and Shapes in Popcorn Packaging

The popcorn packaging is less expensive than the standard sizes. Therefore, you have the option to select a good size of the popcorn box. In custom packaging, you can select the depth of the box according to your own choice. The benefit of custom printed popcorn boxes is that they’re very portable and easy to transport.

Moreover, the customized form of popcorn packaging is ideal for encasing your popcorns. There are custom sizes in popcorn packaging, which you can select as well. The packaging experts can guide you well about this.

Just select the material and size of your own choice and preserve your popcorns better as compared to standard popcorn packaging available in the market.

Avail Wholesale Popcorn Packaging

Grab custom popcorn boxes wholesale at a reasonable price. However, to buy the wholesale quantity of popcorn packaging is a cost-friendly option. There are many packaging companies that give wholesale popcorn packaging boxes at great discount prices.

So, hire a good packaging company services today in order to attain perfect popcorn packaging. Like this, all processes will help you to get the maximum number of sales.

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