Custom printed boxes improve customer’s unboxing experience

Custom printed boxes bring you exclusive options concerning the customization of size, shape, and design. Whether you want to make a specific cut or fold them in a specific arrangement, you can do it all without any inconvenience. This extreme flexibility is derived from their cardboard structure that can even be perforated and die-cut. The options for print are wide-ranging from offset to digital, each paired with accurate CMYK and PMS configurations. The available finishing options are just what you need to add an extra flair to your brand’s artwork and enhance the barrier properties of these packages.

The term “unboxing” refers to the practice of unwrapping a packaged product. The experience of unboxing the product can be both positive and negative, depending upon how much attention a brand has paid. Unboxing is pretty much applicable to retail experiences that go a long way in gauging product quality. Custom printed boxes are a fine packaging solution chiefly famous for extending the customer experiences by creating a stellar and world-class unboxing. Paired with plenty of customization options, they provide a big opportunity to generate a buzz concerning your retail items. After getting impressed, the clients are pretty much influenced to share a positive word of mouth verbally as well as digitally. 

Slide-to-reveal custom printed boxes:

Struggling to open the packaging is never a positive experience and influences the customers to never order from you again. If you do not want to annoy your customers, custom boxes are the best option. Having access to multiple design customizations, you can execute a sleeve and slider box design. The peculiarity of this packaging design is that customers never require a strenuous effort to open up the packages. They need to just gently push the slider that slides into the sleeve for easy and effortless unboxing. If there is more than one product, the addition of custom inserts is a nice option that perfectly arranges the products inside. This kind of unboxing is all about positivity and redeems your commitment to delivering high-quality products. The fine impressions stay in the audience’s mind forever, and no one can alter these impressions even with hard evidence. 

Great prospect for telling a story:

It is not the product that ramps up your sales figure, but it is the entire experience that guarantees you more sales. Custom packaging is a smart investment to deliver a user unboxing experience that shares the constructive impression of your brand. There is much room for creativity when it comes to its design; tap this opportunity by sharing your brand’s story. Take inspiration from some successful businesses and insert a postcard explaining an absorbing origin story of your business.

While doing so, it is vital to establish a tone that hints back at the personality of your brand. Also, there is a dire need to pay undivided attention to the order in which the target audience will unwrap your special items. You probably do not want them to say an invoice prior to the product and its related add-ons. This is how one can leverage custom packaging to create an unforgettable experience. 

Options to think inside the box:

Considering the fact that cardboard boxes have a lot of space inside, a lot can be put inside them for an amazing unboxing. From gag gifts to branded tissue papers, custom inserts to branded stickers, there are countless options to take the product unboxing to the new experiencing heights. Do not let this opportunity go and place smart personalization inside to make a positive first impression. The little additions always go a long way in taking the target audience by surprise and influencing them to remember you till their lifetime. The strategic use of these packages also paves the way to highlight the brand colors and position your items seamlessly. 

Custom printed boxes create delight:

The flexibility of custom printed packages allows you to modify them in a spacious design and insert some freebies. These extras are a great way to elevate the unboxing experience from good to amazing. And that even without putting much strain on the budget. If you are selling some cosmetic products, you can think of adding some product-related samples to earn the people’s gratitude. When you can’t think of some special extras, offering exclusive discounts in the form of vouchers is always the best idea. Potential clients are least expecting to get any reward while unboxing the products. So, this sort of rewarding stratagem is a sure way to take their unboxing experience to a whole new level. 

Possibilities for great personalization:

Retail brands have quite fewer chances to make an impression that generates positive perceptions all over. Bearing that in mind, one should think of every opportunity. And do everything possible in giving a personalized experience to the target audience. Small add-ons like a printed postcard showcasing the name of the target client or highlighting a special message can go a long way. You can also dedicate a portion of the custom printed packages to give a seasonal touch to the products inside. These little personalizations serve as a great tool to leave remarkable first impressions that finally result in the extension of clients’ experiences.

As long as customers are there, the unboxing experience will remain important. If curated properly, no one can stop you from creating a long-lasting impression that consequently gets translated into ultimate brand loyalty. Custom printed boxes are such a fine prospect in extending the unboxing experiences. Of course, you will need to spend some extra pennies. But, they are definitely worth it considering you will get desired results.