Declutter Every Nook And Corner Of Your Home With Mini Skips Hire

A holistic decluttering plan has always proved to have a positive transformation for any space. It helps to pave a path to minimalism. Who says one needs fancy tools for a thorough decluttering session of your house. Cleaning up every nook and corner may seem like an enormous undertaking, but seeking help from skip hire in Bromley can make it relatively more straightforward and simple. Choose to adopt a professional method like Mary Kondo’s guide to cleaning or just take your personalized approach towards decluttering. Hire mini skips that can be labeled as trash, donate, recycle or repurpose. Tackle one room at a time, as mentioned below, and you will be good to go. Have a look at multiple skip sizes and know the skip hire cost before making the decision.

Living room

We spend a considerable chunk of time in our living room on a day-to-day basis. It can become a bit difficult to keep the living room clutter-free. An effective way to keep this area organised is to create separate mini zones. Dedicate a mini skip to this room while cleaning out. Get rid of collectibles lying around, dump all the magazines for recycling, and get picky about your decor pieces and other knick-knacks in the living area. Create a space for the kids to play around and designate an adult-centric coffee table appropriate for lounging while watching TV or relaxing.


Reorganizing your kitchen and the cupboards makes the entire cooking process much more streamlined and makes your day relatively smoother. Get rid of the old utensils that you hardly use by hiring a mini skip and rearrange the essential ones that you use daily. A neat and clutter-free kitchen is a safe space for your food as it does not harbor any unwanted germs or pests. Hygiene around the food can be maintained by disposing off unwanted rubbish through skip hires.


If you are one of the hoarders, we understand that your wardrobe and entire storage space in the bedroom are filled with items you either don’t need or don’t use anymore. Declutter while doing your spring or autumn cleaning and adopt a minimalist approach to make your life easier by making all the belongings accessible. Discard the old bedding in the mini skip and use the storage for essential items. Scan your nightstand and its occupants for articles that can be trashed, recycled, or stored away. You can clear out your wardrobe and donate the clothing that you don’t wear anymore.

Study or home office

Decluttering your study room can be an excellent booster for your productivity. Organized spaces are scientifically known to encourage efficiency and provide better outputs. Hence this room should be kept in the tidiest manner. Dump all the extra and unwanted documents and papers in a mini skip to be recycled by the company. Invest in label makers and floating shelves to create ample storage space so that there is no pile generated on your desk. Digitizing the bills and documents can be a great way to minimize clutter and contribute towards the environment by saving paper.

Garden and backyard

A thorough cleaning session of your home is incomplete if you do not focus on your outdoors. Weed out the excessive growth of grass and plants in the garden, clean the mess in your backyard and upgrade the space with fresh planters and your favorite flowers. Since these areas demand consistent upkeep, it is wise to look out for cheap skip hires to address the maintenance regularly. Once you empty the space, you can utilize it for creating a cute little playpen for your pets or a DIY swing set for your kids.


A garage is a well-known dumping ground for unwanted items. Decluttering this space is guaranteed to be a daunting task. Choose cheap skip hires to collect all the rubbish dumped in the garage over the years. You can throw away the old hoses, rusty tools, broken equipment, old tires, and empty paint tins. It will be pretty refreshing to give a makeover and use the space for its designated purpose. Lastly, dispose of your children’s old bikes and other unused furniture lying around by selecting the appropriate skip size by consulting the experts.