Evening Desert Safari – A Fun-Filled Venture

Exploring the world-class places which identify the globe as a divine animation of life is what a wanderer’s mind craves. The gulf city of the UAE has such exquisite sightseeing stopovers. Which are not only worth discovering, but also open up the pathways to exploration.

Dubai is a hub for travel enthusiasts to visit and satisfy. Their urge of exploring exceptional art, culture, and exquisite attractions. One such place in Dubai is desert safari which is a surreal land of wanderers who come here to vibe like a nomad.

There are different itineraries offered by various travel firms. That offers you to explore desert safari in Dubai according to your feasibility. An evening desert safari Dubai package is the best if you don’t want to miss the slightest of adventure. Let’s take a look at what an evening in the middle of high sand dunes looks like.

Delightful Happenings of an Evening Desert Safari Dubai

  • 1. Drive to the Dunes

Your evening venture to desert safari begins with a pick up from your residency in a 4WD, usually by a land cruiser. In a self-drive itinerary, you are directed to meet at a specific point in the desert safari. It is provided with a free parking space with any exclusive charges. A typical evening expedition allows adventures and excursions for 4 to 6 hours amidst the dunes of Arabia. Depending upon your hand-picked safari deal.

  • 2. Bedouin Oriented Camps

The camps nailed on the sand beds reflect the tradition of old Arabs when they used to live like nomads. You’ll find the classic style Bedouin camps in this barren of Dubai, pegged with unconventional details. The captivating ambiance of these camps is the epitome of nomadic habitation. With the portrayal of impressive artistry. The tourists love capturing these colorful cantonments reflecting the Bedouin lifestyle. Also in the golden dunes of Arabia.

  •  3. Seek Thrill on the Dunes of Dubai

Thrill-seekers love to roll over the big sand dunes of Arabia in a scenic landscape of the setting sun. Cross the red Arabian dunes with an escalated adrenaline in a 4×4 hummer, land cruiser, rover, or a dune buggy. The 15 minutes ride of an SUV over the majestic dunes of Dubai is the ultimate goal for madcaps who love such insane adventures. However, the duration can be extended by choosing a private tour to desert safari or just paying over. Dune bashing on the Arabian terrain is an exclusive mode of crazy excursion which you’ll encounter nowhere else

  • 4. Quad Biking

A dusky sky with buzzing golden sand, can you ask for more? Discover a daredevil in you by getting your hands on a quad bike. Quad bikes are enthralling terrain vehicles structured as like weight mechanical cage. On heavy-duty wide tires drifting amazingly against the grainy dunes. There is room for two in a quad bike out of which, one is for the expert driver who is there to supervise you. If you are a daredevil and want to hit the reddening dunes solely, go for a fat bike ride and spread the sand storms in the arid plains of Dubai.

  • 5. Sand Skiing

Sandboarding is an amusing dune activity that is usually offered complimentary. In a tour to desert safari by almost every itinerary. It’s similar to surfing on a waterboard and skiing on the ice. The difference is, you have no fear of getting drowned or cold. Rather you cuddle up in the limitless sand ocean after a smooth delivery on the velvety soft sand of the desert. Sand surfing is a unique mode of triggering a heck of excitement in the surfer, as it ends with loads of laughter and cheerful tales of adventure.

  • 6. Camel Riding

Camel rides are exhilarating activities to encounter at the golden dunes with extra thrill. Collect stories to tell while riding on a camel’s hump as you are exposed to discover the farthest limits of desert safari.

A camel’s safari takes you to a perfect nomad’s venture by which you’ll leave stunned and gratifying pleasures. Ride a camel in a transitioning background of the setting sun to take some exquisite shots of the reddening tones of the Arabian sand ocean.

  • 7. Inspiring Arabian Culture

Witness an amazing depiction of the preserved Arabian art and culture at this barren place of adventures. Get amazed over the steady maneuvers of the Arabian falcons which are the national birds of UAE and fascinate you by seeping and luring in the sand.

You can get henna prints on your skin, attire yourself in the folk Arabian dresses. Thereby celebrate your presence at the desert safari by every possible means. These are the perks and benefits of opting for an evening tour to desert safari Dubai, as you get to absorb the true colors of Arabian art and culture.

  • 8. Lovely Hospitality

The stage of a blasting entertainment at desert safari sets after the sun drowns. Enjoy appetizing snacks and drinks and watch the amazing performances taking the light sips of chilled soft drinks.

On the other hand, the striking performances depicted by talented artists. Including the mystic Tanura dance, the blazing fire shoe, the ravishing belly dance, and other cultural dance forms of native Arabs.

All of these extravagant happenings are the jovial ways of welcoming the guests’ to this conservation reserve.

  •  9. A Tangerine Camouflage of Dusk

The utmost magnetism of an evening desert safari tour that brings the tourists to its proximities is the ecstatic show of sundown. The drowning sun is an oomph to the beholder who locks his sights at the color transitioning ripples of sand. As if the whole barren is soaked up in the cantaloupe of twilight.

Take silhouettes of the wranglers, tents, and wandering camels. After setting yourself free of the hypnosis of ecstatic sunset.

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Visiting desert safari in Dubai during the late afternoons. To early hours of the night is a great chance to live your venture with all the possible nominal delights at the Arabian sand sea drowned in gold.