Design Ideas for Unique and Luxury Boutique Boxes

Design Ideas for Unique and Luxury Boutique Boxes

Boutiques and their products have become a sign of luxury and top-of-the-line experience. Ever since the revolution in the fabric and clothing industry, more and more boutique companies have started making premium boutique products. And since the competition has risen in recent time, all the brands and boutique try their best to make their brand distinct and increase their market brand awareness.

To do that, the boutique has now started using boutique boxes for the packaging of its products. These specialized apparel boxes help maximize brand awareness and improve brand reputation, all while presenting little to no challenges in the making. Apart from making your brand distinct, they can make the customers hooked to your brand. Through their eye-catching design and unique graphics, they can help you develop a strong bond and loyal customer base.

These uniquely customized boutique packaging boxes help you showcase your brand’s standards and style and add a charm to your products, which makes the customers pinned to your products at just a single glance. As these apparel boxes are made from top-quality materials and high-quality printings, these custom boxes speak for themselves.

These days, these elegant custom boxes have become popular due to there:

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Customizations

And if that does not seem enough for you, you can even get them made into any size or shape you prefer and get them however you want them, according to your needs and requirements. If you pay enough attention to making these apparel packaging boxes, they are sure to give your brand the boost that it deserves and help generate more revenue through increased sales.

Different Designs of Unique Boutique Packaging

When designing these corrugated boxes for your brand, you are not bound by any kind of limitation and get them made however you like. However, the top premium brands set some popular designs and standards and have become favorites of both the customers and the retailers.

Discussed below are some of the most commonly used designs to make luxury boutique boxes.

Drawer Style Boutique packaging

The motivation behind this design was to make something easy to use while also making it impactful and leave a positive image on your customers. Thus these drawer-style boxes were introduced. They are usually made up of two pieces:

  • One is the lid.
  • And the other one is the main compartment that holds the main product.

This style became an instant hit due to its ease of use while also providing durability and uniqueness.

Magnetic Closure Boutique Boxes

Another superb and secure design is magnets to make the closing more secure and prevent the products from getting out. These luxury boxes were made to tackle the rough shipping procedures they may face while being transported. Although they are made to be in one single piece, they contain a magnet in the lid, which sticks with the metal plate hidden inside the container compartment. Both of these things are hidden. Hence, they do not compromise the looks and visual appeal of the box.

These corrugated boxes are preferred mainly by e-commerce boutiques or brands that ship over long distances. These boxes can be further wrapped around with premium cloths or customized sheets to give them desired look.

Carry Bag Boutique Packaging

Since we are talking about luxury and comfort, so it automatically involves:

  • The ease of use
  • Mobility
  • User-friendliness

And to make sure that the boxes meet our said criteria, another popular design is widely used. Which is to make the custom packaging into a carrying bag style. Although brands instill carry handles into their rigid boxes and make them into tote bag style. However, that does not seem very luxurious, so brands have also started using specialized carry bags made to be compact and durable at the same time. These bags are used to carry with us in everyday commute and contain multiple boxes inside them.

This makes it easier for customers to organize multiple boxes while they are on a shopping spree, making this style a highly popular choice.

How to make them Unique?

Now that you have decided the packaging material, size, shape, artwork/image designs, now comes the next step: adoring them with customized add ons, premium finishing coats, window patching, etc.

We are sharing some design tips and tricks that you can implement to get the best results:

  • Using high-quality papers and material in the manufacturing of the box makes them durable and a more secure option. This tells that you care about the presentation of your products, which makes customers like your brand even more.
  • You can get customized stickers printed and stick them onto your boxes. These stickers are easy to make and do not cost a lot. Which makes it easy for you to replace them. So you can get specialized stickers made for every occasion and customized your boxes according to the time of the year without spending extra capital on entirely new boxes.
  • Apart from stickers, you can also add customized fillers made according to your boutique’s logo or other relevant designs. This helps make the boxes totally exclusive and unique to your brand. And they also help keep the product in its place, hence making it more secure and keeping it presentable.
  • You can also opt for customized prints and designs that you can get done outside the boxes. This can make these custom apparel boxes a staple for your brand and help them become easy to identify when placed on a shelf among a bunch of other boutique brands.

So, this was the whole rundown on how you can design the most custom boutique boxes for your brand and make it a staple and a mark of identification for your brand.

Take the next step that might lead you to revolutionize the boutique business; package your fabric and apparel in unique & luxury boutique boxes.