DesignCap the all-rounder for your graphic projects


In this post, I propose you a valid alternative to the Canva site for your graphic projects.


Designcap is a very interesting custom graphic design site, which is proposed as a valid alternative to the already known

It can be useful for those who do not want to have graphic tools on their PC but want to work in a practical way on the web.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can create with DesignCap?

• Infographics (infographics).

• Posters (posters).

• Invitations (invitations)

• Social media (Ad Facebook etc.).

• Logos.

• Graphs (chart).

• Business cards.

• Brochures (Flyer).

• Curriculum vitae.

• Menu.

• and so on.

DesignCap offers thousands of templates to create documents and images that are beautiful to see graphically.

Even if you are not a graphic designer or just want to produce documents with an excellent graphic impact, this service can help you.

The proposed models helped you make your projects more attractive and aim, above all, at those who are not expert in graphics or want to create their own brochures or documents.

You can access an extensive database of resources that allow you to customize your project using predefined templates and templates, and once the work is finished, you can save your design on your PC or share your creation online.

The service is available with three subscription plans.

The first plan is free, with limited functionality, but it allows you to experience the goodness of the service.

Then we have two subscription plans with monthly or annual payments.

There are a few differences between these plans. Sure, compared to the free plan, you have more features and a much more extensive library of templates.

With the service’s paid version, you can upload personal images and save projects in PNG and PDF format.

If an annual subscription is made, you can enjoy a good discount, which I think is very convenient.

At the moment, the site’s interface does not yet support the Italian language, but certainly, with a little practice, the use is not complicated. Best Web Design Company


As I have already said, this site is proposed as a valid alternative to Canva. Subscription plans, if purchased annually, have a 50% discount. 

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