DesignEvo: How to Design Logo for Website 2021?

This post is going to tell you about Designevo, a freemium logo maker Website, with the help of which online logo can be created.

I love to create logos, so I keep searching for different types of logo maker software or website and find such a solution. With which I easily make a logo myself.

So I definitely tell you about it so that all of you can create your own logo.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a website, with the help of which any beginner or experience can design a logo for themselves and can download them without any charge pay. It is not that there is no other free service. But DesignEvo has already given many suggest logo design. In such a situation, if there is a beginner who has no idea to do logo design.

It can also customize the suggested logo and create a new logo. It has 34 most popular category, in which thousands of Suggest logo have been given. From this, you can download many free logo design templates and customize them.

Besides, according to your search box requirement, matched logos can be searched on any topic and can be changed according to their own.

How to do logo design from DesignEvo?

By the way, I do not need to tell you how to use the Designevo website. Because it has given such easy and helpful navigation, anyone can create a logo for themselves and download them by following them.

Nevertheless, I tell you about making a logo through it, so that if you come across any problem while making the logo, then its solution can be found immediately.

DesignEvo is a web application and to create a logo from it. You have to open the Online Designevo website and then click on the Make a Free Logo button.

select custom logo design

After selecting the Custom Logo, one has to click on the Start from Scratch Option to design the new logo.

Now the main dashboard of Designevo will open here. On top of all that, DesignEvo’s Custom Logo Designer Dashboard will open after clicking on the button where the left side will have 4 major editors along with.  The option of all these will be available on the left side. The option of Text, Shape, Icons and background will be available. All these features and functions are used to create logos in a better way.

Now from here, if you want to edit your logo and make your own logo, then you can select that logo with Templates Option and edit it if you want to make a Fresh New Design Logo with it.

So you Layout. You can create with the help of Background, Shape and Text.

Logo creates successfully

Once the logo is created, you can download the logo by clicking on the Download Option. If you want to add a direct logo to a website, you can copy the code and add it directly to the website.

Download your logo for free

So easily you can complete a quite professional-looking logo design in minutes. With the help of Designevo, you can create any logo according to your creativity.


DesignEvo lets anyone can design from Basic to Professional logos according to their creativity.  And the best poit is that it is free and when the logo is downloaded after making it, then there is no watermark of any kind.