Diaper Free Time For Babies

Baby disposable diapers have been a blessing to mothers and have made their life easier.They keep the baby dry and don’t require to be changed frequently. Parents find traveling with their little ones easier with diapers because they can be tossed anywhere very easily without having to cart them back home. Parents prefer to keep their babies in diapers only even at home as they have a modern appearance and they find it more convenient than normal nappies.

Besides so many benefits, modern diapering technology comes with challenges too. Prolonged use of diapers on babies may result in possible hygiene issues and the most significant of it is diaper rashes. Diaper rashes are commonly caused due to not changing the diapers at regular intervals. Babies when kept in soiled diapers, in constant wetness and harsh chemicals from which the disposable diapers are made, for longer periods are likely to develop rashes on their sensitive skin. This can further cause yeast or bacterial infection and worse problems like UTI. Hence,changing diapers at regular intervals is necessary for babies because they are not very breathable.

Imagine yourself wearing a sanitary pad for one year daily, does this thought shook you up? Because we get irritated in those 3-5 menstrual days only. But our little ones are going through this situation. Therefore, it is important to keep our baby’s skin bare or covered in a breathable material like cotton in between diaper changes so that their skin can breathe and this time is usually referred to as diaper-free time.

Diaper-free time refers to the time when our little ones are kept without diapers, allowing some air/ breathability. Parents must practice this time as it can make wonders in eliminating those rashes, irritations, and chaffing.

Why go Diaper- free?

Good for their skin: Our baby’s skin is extremely soft and fragile and needs to breathe from time to time. Keeping them in diapers most of the time, affects their sensitive skin areas especially those of adorable bums and private parts. Their skin becomes more prone to rashes and infection when not given time to breathe as it should be. Going diaper-free for as long as possible will help in preventing these skin issues.

Help in their body development: Babies also wants to move freely as us but diapers limit their freedom of movement. This sometimes also resist their body development based on movement. Therefore, by giving diaper-free time to our little humans will give them freedom of movement which will further help them in their body

Hygienic: Keeping babies in diaper for longer durations exposed them to constant wetness that comes with it and this sometimes give threat to their basic hygiene. By allowing diaper-free time to our tiny tots, we are keeping them in safe and hygienic environment.

Help in potty training: When the babies are not sure about their own bodily urges, potty training becomes much more difficult. By introducing diaper-free times and gradually increasing the duration of these times can help them in learning the use of toilet. Even, the doctors believe that it is easier to potty train infants who are diaper-free since birth.

When is the best time to start?

Babies usually communicate their potty needs from birth so you need to decide the best time for your little one. You can start at birth, wait a while or can start from whenever you feel like it’s good for your baby.

According to the Doctors, there is a golden window of opportunity if you start diaper-free time from 0-4 months. Young babies are very cooperative and less likely to be distracted. When they grow up they become more interested in crawling, exploring, and walking. But at the end its completely up to you.

The best time to go diaper-free is just after the baby has pooped, in between diaper changes or before the meal. It can last up to 30 minutes to an hour, whatever suits you.

How to start for this?

Following are some effective ways for going diaper-free with babies:

You can begin your little one’s diaper free training by frequently changing their diapers. Remove the messy diaper and clean the diaper area with soft organic cotton cloth wipes.Wipe down the diaper area from front to back, to avoid infection then pat it dry.

Try yellow doodle organic muslin wipes, as they are made with only the finest organic cotton i.e. muslin, incredibly soft on your baby’s tender skin. They are fast drying wipes great for everyday essentials. As they are washable and reusable, so there is no need to invest in wipes every month instead of purchasing them once.

Another method you can try is, keep your little one in breathable and organic cotton-rich nappies (langots). Nappies that can keep the mess contained so that you can clean it up later would be best for this purpose. They should be made from natural fibers like organic cotton that is breathable, capable of holding mess, comfortable and friendly with the baby’s skin.

Yellow doodle dry nappies are perfect for your newborns to keep them diaper free. They are ethically made with GOTS certified 100% finest organic cotton and are printed with chemical free dyes that are a safer choice for your baby’s skin and environment as well. They comes in different fun and whimsical doodle prints, not only keeping your little one cozy and snug but also looking adorable. They come with a special stay-dry, ultra-soft microfleece inner lining, perfect for keeping your baby’s bum rash free

You can also keep the baby completely bare while practicing diaper-free time. The risk here is that the baby can pee/poop during this time, so you need to very cautious. Make sure to keep a waterproof stay-dry sheet beneath the baby to keep your bed/sofa clean.

You can use soft toys, like from Yellow Doodle’s Nursery in a meanwhile, so that your little one can enjoy his diaper-free time with his playtime comfortably.

You can make your little one pee first and then dress them in comfortable/ breathable cotton wears like Yellow Doodle Vest, Nappies, and Baby Wear collection. The idea behind this to make the baby feel free, light, comfortable and also protected so that they can enjoy their diaper-free time to the fullest.

The concept of “diaper free time” with our babies can be frightening. But, consider how babies were potty trained prior to the advent of the modern diaper market. Limiting diaper time is nothing unusual; in fact, it is a very natural approach. With Yellow Doodle – a best baby Organic brand in India you can make this Diaper free time more happening and engaging for your little ones.