Different Types of Design Jobs for Creative People

Interior Designing

In today’s environment, designing is one of the most gratifying and exciting career prospects for those with the gift of creativity. However, it has become a highly competitive industry today. As technology continually moves onward, society becomes more tech-savvy, and the market for designers is in acceleration. The design has various implications in different fields. In some cases, the literal construction or manufacture of an object is considered design. In others, it may be digital or representational.

Identified below are some design jobs that are ideally suited for creative personalities. We present to you a brief breakdown of what each position entails and some of the skills needed for success. So take a peek and find out which careers interest you most.

User Interface (UI) Design

These designers combine design principles with software skills to build websites, applications, or user-friendly games. UI designers concentrate on the appearance and ease of navigation, creating virtual interfaces that are appealing to use. They could be exhibition displays, product demos, dinner reservation apps or virtual tours of schools, to name a few. Typically, UI design requires a mix of psychology, design and development know-how to be thriving.

User Experience (UX) Design

These designers look into the functional aspect of the product. For example, when you like a particular product on a website, you move it to your cart then make the payment. While you feel the comfort of buying a product on some websites, it may be more complex on others — this is the difference UX design creates in intensifying a user’s experience. They also analyse the specific components of the systems, such as usefulness, value, credibility and accessibility.

Fashion Design

Fashion designing as a career is constantly in demand. Clothes are an essential part of human life, and they are also a lifelong necessity. Changing lifestyles and trends lead to a fast pace of change in trends and styles. Emerging areas include affordable fashion, personal styling, designing with sustainable materials like artificial leather and lightweight high-performance fabric. But, perhaps, the most profitable and glamorous of the fields, these designers are fused with the power to completely transform a person’s personality using their keen eye for details, thorough understanding of colour and style theory, and their insatiable attention to evergreen trends.

Interior Design

The best-designed spaces say something about the people who reside in them; an architectural construction is a blank canvas on which the interior designers work their magic. Interior designing places is not just about aesthetics; it is about uniting the form and function of a space to heighten the ease and well-being of the occupants, from space-maximisation to daylight management and decent ventilation. Specialists in this occupation work with interior spaces to enhance the area’s safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Communication Design

Visual storytelling or animation has made it attainable to convey ideas and emotions in a special and easy-to-perceive, immersive way. Bachelors in animation, video graphics or special video effects can easily make a career in communication design across several industries – advertising, movie, publishing, web design, graphic designing, etc. The future of visual communication will recognise designers creating perfect scenes. Therefore, besides the basic abilities of freehand art, striving animators of tomorrow are expected to comprehend 3D prototyping, computer simulations, and storyboards.


Architects are specialists who use their expertise in constructions, cultural aesthetics and creativity to devise and build the structures around us. They specialise in various phases of work such as designing, planning, construction management, etc. and make sure that the structures they design are safe and functional, to suit the demands of potential users. 

Designing is one of those few procedural career disciplines that proposes plenty of room for innovation and creativity. It is unquestionably a field where monotony is unheard of, given the dynamic nature of designing. The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) is a leading design university in the country. It offers various professional UG and PG courses to shape you into competent design professionals with leadership qualities to take on the challenges of our fast-changing world. So, if you have a curious mind, then it’s time you validate your skills with a creative career that will suit you best.