Different Types of Instagram Ads

Different Types of Instagram Ads:

Within the platform there are three ad formats, each of which has a different structure, characteristics and values. See, below, the proposal of each one of them.

Photo Carousel Ads: this is the most conventional format that allows you to advertise two to ten images in a single publication. The photos act as an external link, which takes the user to the official website of the brand, for example. Another possibility is to drive to a video, if the goal is to get more views.

Retargeting ads: in this case, the ad will be served directly on the Instagram timeline. In ad management, campaigns form so-called clusters and, therefore, will be shown to people who follow the brand page. The cluster can be enabled only seven days after the start of the campaign and is available for a period of one month.

Sponsored ads: This type of sponsored ad aims to boost a publication, giving it greater visibility. The goal is to reach a greater number of people who are interested in the brand. In this way, the ad is displayed according to the user’s preferences, mapped from its followers, tags and even searches.

Knowing all about Instagram ads, you also increase the chances of generating traffic to your website. This is because when promoting posts, the link to your page (or any other destination) becomes clickable and it is possible to include a call-to-action button to engage the user.

# 2 How to create audiences:

However, before making ads on Facebook and Instagram, you need to know who you are targeting them to. After all, there is no point in promoting paid media and impacting users who are not related to your client’s brand. It is essential to be assertive in managing ads from the beginning.

So it’s important that you create specific audiences within the ad manager. In addition to making your strategy more effective, defining an audience also ensures monitoring of performance and access to metrics. You can create an audience in two ways. Check it out:

1. Create custom audience using Power Editor:

If you already have a contact list, know that you can upload it to Facebook’s  ad manager.

When you import these contacts into the ad management platform, Facebook identifies the emails that are also used for users of the network. From these, it forms a determined audience for your client’s brand publications.

To create a Custom Audience based on a list, just follow a few steps:

  • In the Ads Manager, go to Audiences.
  • Select Create Audience> Custom Audience> Customer List.
  • Click Add from own list.
  • Add your customer list: you can upload it as a file (.txt or .csv) or copy and paste the information into the content field.
  • Edit and upload your data: Preview how the ad manager classified the data. If necessary, update them in the best way, changing the type or format of the data.

Wait for the process to finish: when you finish adding the content, Facebook converts your data into a hash, creating an audience for your client’s brand. The process can take a while if the contact file is large.
Explore the created audience: as soon as the creation of the Personalized Audience is completed, Facebook automatically generates a list of the next steps that you must follow to explore the Personalized Audience.