Dipak Nandi- telehealth and artificial intelligence in the modern day healthcare solution

Today more than seven million Americans are using the telehealth platform and artificial intelligence in the healthcare domain in ways that are unimaginable. this few years back hold the number less than 350,000 people using the platform. However fueled by digital technologies, studies etc today AI and a telehealth platform not only help us connect to physicians without traveling but ensure a better care management. In fact, seeing the present day situation, today the telemedicine/ telehealth platform and AI has been part of the healthcare deployed across various specialties and service lines, from primary care to radiology, cardiology to orthopedics; and even be part of patient’s vitals etc.

Working from the vast databases of information of medicine, an AI identifies many new potential therapies which ensure targeted clinic care. In fact, with AI the chances of success rate are more. Helping in improving patient care, drug development, and treating deadly diseases, an AI today has better scope of accomplishment.

The benefit of AI and telemedicine :

In fact, making the patient care and treatment easy, AI and the telemedicine platform have eliminated a lot of boundaries keeping it a pocket friendly service for many. With no big overhead cost and a secure and HIPAA compliant, the telemedicine platform is more convenient for many healthcare practices today.

Emphasizing the advanced technical support with the help of these new ways of interacting with their patients, these platforms have resulted in improved outcomes while cutting down costs of your operational expenditure.

Catering to the needs the artificial intelligence and telemedicine further helps in:

  • Mid level patient education and care treatment
  • Training perspectives
  • Monitoring of patient’s health, vitals etc.
  • Physician diagnosis
  • Reaching a variety of people in new ways

Addressing a lot of key issues today and achieving a meaningful impact in the healthcare domain, artificial intelligence and telemedicine platform today has changed the entire healthcare workflow.

stated Dr. Dipak Nandi a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, M.D, and a board-certified psychiatrist; an experienced pioneer of the medical billing outsourcing industry.