Do I Need Wudhu For The Quran On My Phone?

Islam gives a message to pay special attention to purity. Purity should be spiritually and also by the physical. A person who holds purity has a special place in Islam. It is a responsibility for every Muslim while doing any kind of worship. It does not matter whether you are sitting for online Quran reading, offer Namaz, or do any other holy duty, the place must be pure from all evil. With Islamic teachings, you can easily get guidance in any matter of your life. Some issues are still unclear. It is not easy to get any clear instruction for every matter of life. Many issues are not properly clear in people’s minds, especially due to modern age requirements. Because it is not easy to find the best scholar to get the answers to questions.

A group of many questions is also unclear among people. The one top questions is that do you need a wudhu while you are read the Quran on your phone and another device or memorizing? People do not know about this properly whether they can read memorized Quran without wudhu? Can read the Quran on any device without wudu? Do you have a proper ablution for Quran reading? Should you touch the Quran without wudu? So here we have a discussion for getting the answers to all related questions one by one.

Can I Touch the Quran Without Wudhu?

We should firstly know about what the Quran says to us for touching it. The general Muslim Professors have a similar mind for touching the Quran. They reach a final decision that you should have to do wudu before touching the Quran. It means that you do not touch the Quran in physical form with your naked hands when you want to read Quran. Without wudhu, reading is not applicable. Even you cannot able to pick the Quran. On the other hand, you can touch the Holy Quran by using a clean cloth if you are not in wudhu.

Can I Read the Quran Without Wudhu?

You cannot touch the Quran when you are not in Wudhu or not in a clean place. When you are reading from the book, it is not permitted to read Quran without a wudu. It is necessary to do proper wudu when you want to read the Quran from a book. Purity is necessary for any workshop. So keep it up in any religious act. The Quran should be recited from memory. It is not acceptable for a Muslim to touch and read the Arabic Quran when they are not in wudhu.

Can I Learn the Quran Online Without Wudhu?

When you are learning Quran online, the Quran teacher teaches you all the processes of their systems. There is no hard copy required for online Quran reading. But it does not mean you read the Quran without wudu. You should have proper purity when learn and read the holy book revealed by Allah Almighty. That is why always do ablution first, then you can start taking the online Quran class. From you will be able to know more about the Quran by learning and memorizing Quran from online classes.

Can I Recite the Memorize Quran Without Wudhu?

When you memorized the Quran, you do not have to put your faith in the hard copy of the Holy Quran. In this situation, there is no need for touching the Quran to read and recite it. But it does not mean that you can read the Quran after memorizing without wudhu. As before discussed, your tongue will be in a formal of purity. For this, you will need ablution. That’s why you will always read the Quran after performing an ablution whether you memorized it or not.

Can I Read the Quran On a Phone or Laptop?

Actual and real confusion starts on this point. There was no technology when the Quran was a revelation. And Also there were no devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. So that there is no clear instruction for this matter how you can learn, read and recite the Quran on any device without wudhu. It is right or wrong. During the control of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W), persons used to read and learn the Quran after doing proper wudhu. So there was no concept for online Quran reading on any device. That is why everyone must read or learn the Quran after doing ablution or wudhu whether you are selecting any device for reading it like mobile, laptop, and more others.

How to perform Wudhu?

  • First of all, you will make a pure Niyat of prayer in your heart.
  • Secondly, in the Arabic language, says Bismillah.
  • Starting from the right hand washing properly till the wrists.
  • After takes, water in your hand and three times put it in your mouth.
  • After properly wash your nostrils, from the right hand and three times.
  • Then with both hands, wash your face properly three times.
  • Wash your both arm from start to end the elbow three times.
  • Now from forehead to back, wash your head and also clean your ears.
  • In the last, wash your both feet three times. It is the last ablution step.
  • These steps are very important in ablution before offering the prayers or any worshiping of Almighty Allah.


So before reading the Quran, you will always do wudu to take yourself into a formal of purity. After that, you will be able to read and recite the Quran.

It does not matter you will read Quran from a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or even from memory, you are not allowed to read the Quran without wudhu in any condition. It will also give you an extra reward to save you from coronavirus and all other health problems. Wudhu is the best cleaning process of mind and health five times a day. So the final opinion is that before reading, learning, or reciting the Quran, you will do wudu.