Do you Know how Fatal Truck Injuries can be?

truck injuries

Truck accident can lead to fatal injuries. Not all suffer from death, but many face lifetime problems due to permanent injuries and trauma. In general, accidents between passenger cars and trucks outcome in more seriousness. Many times, victims don’t get money as compensation. But, if truck accident lawyer takes the case in hand, then there is possibility of getting the deserved compensation.

Some of the common injuries result from truck accidents

Neck and back injuries:

There are fragile bones and ligaments situated at the neck and back of humans. Whiplash is very common in truck accident as neck along with the head jerk forward but the torso remains in place. This type of injury may not be seen immediately, but the victims are more likely to experience pain and other kinds of symptoms after some hours or days.


Commercial trucks are big in size and weight. Hence, whenever they cause an accident, it deeply lays impact on the person and his/her immediate property like car. There is high possibility of fuel tank rupture. Again, fire can spread very fast and burn the truck and surrounding things. Driver, passenger and other people who are present on the spot can suffer from burns. Severe burns can lead to permanent disability, scars and disfigurement.

Injuries in spinal cord:

A person with spinal cord injury resulted from a truck accident can suffer from partial, temporary or lifetime paralysis of torso and lower body. Spinal cord injury, may not be treated easily. Months and years of treatment and hospital stay follow. A victim can become disabled for a lifetime. A truck accident lawyer is crucial to give the victims complete justice.

Internal injuries:

Many victims of truck accidents think that they are saved because there is no apparent head or spinal cord injury. But the truck accident is very dangerous. They may suffer from internal injuries which can lead to demise if not treated on time. People owning cars think that airbags will save them. But, the strong force coming from the airbag can lead to abdominal trauma. Injuries can happen in the liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and pancreas. Again, rib and torso injuries surround important organs in the human body. Internal injury can happen if a broken rib punctures the lung.


A victim can face amputation because of extreme burn or injury. Again, amputation can happen due to crushing from the accident. Continuous expensive medical treatment follows. Also, victims may require prosthetics, wheelchairs, etc. forever. This is not the end of suffering. Many truck wreck unfortunates need the assistance of nurses to do daily chores and essential things like brushing, bathing, walking, wearing clothes, eating, etc. So, it is very important to approach a truck accident lawyer for justice.

Lacerations, cuts, and bruises:

No one can tell exactly what degree of injury can occur in a truck accident. Some may face minor injuries while some may die on the spot. Truck accident impact is unpredictable. It is advised to seek a doctor without wasting time after meeting a truck accident. If a person is still able to walk by himself/herself, then he/she is lucky. But, that doesn’t mean the person is fully safe. It is because internal injuries may not appear immediately but can take a toll on life afterward. Again, the infection can happen. So, treatment must be done for any bruises, lacerations, and cuts.

Trauma can make life a hell. So, hiring a truck accident attorney is the best decision. Afterall, faulty drivers and trucking agency shouldn’t be spared.

Truck accident lawyers are necessary:

It is very unfortunate that thousands of people give their lives in truck accidents across the world. But, often their loved ones, family members, or known people stay away from police and lawyers giving the faculty drivers and truck companies wings to fly free and repeat the same mistake. So, it is important to seek an experienced truck accident lawyer so that victims and their families can get the rightful compensation for their massive loss.

Personal injury lawyers are great for dealing with truck accident cases. They specialize in the specific field and can determine long-term future-oriented costs related to serious injuries and burns. The lawyer can figure out how much victim can get from the culprits. Many times, cases can get settled outside the court, especially when the guilty party wants zero rush to legal activities. They give a good amount of money to the victims and take care of their medical and other related expenses.