Doctor Appointment Booking Apps You Need To Know In 2021

Summary: Booking doctor’s appointments has been made easier with virtual health care facilities. Read on to learn about the best doctor appointment booking apps in India.


Virtual health care is not a new concept. It has existed in the medical sector for quite a long time. It was after the pandemic that it became widely popular. Doctor consultation in India was increased after the pandemic hit the country.


Last year, there was a massive rise in the number of online doctor consultations in India. People can conveniently avail of doctor consultation without the risk of contracting the virus.


Owing to the popularity of online consultation, doctor appointment booking apps were in trend. In the previous year, there have been many apps and software that people preferred in bulk.


If you want to know the top doctor appointment apps, you have come to the right place.

Here I’m Sharing Some Doctor Appointment Booking Apps In 2021

#1 Bajaj Finserv Health

One of the leading health apps that have been trending lately is Bajaj Finserv Health. It is a one-stop destination for creating an appointment, storing health records, making prescriptions, and managing doctor consultations. It is an application that is beyond teleconsultation, there are many unique features that set it apart. You can consult your preferred doctor through call, chat, or video. Tracking of health records is also possible with the app.


#2 Credihealth App

Credihealth can cater to all your medical needs under one roof. Whether it is looking for doctors, booking an appointment, or consulting doctors online, Credihealth can help you at every step. Credihealth makes the entire process seamless with its easy-to-use interface. It has aligned the top specialists in India that you can consult online through online doctor consultation.


#3 Practo

You must have heard this name a lot. It is one of the leading doctor consultation apps in India that can do a lot of things. From booking appointments to ordering medicines, Practo will take care of everything for you. Practo can also help you find the best medical services to ensure better health. You can avail yourself of the best gynecologist, physiotherapist, dermatologist, cardiologist, and more at Practo. The app has both a free and paid subscription version.

 #4 DocsApp

DocsApp is the best medical consultation app where you can consult with your preferred doctors without an appointment. You can directly ask doctors about your medical concern, and doctors will respond to you within 30 minutes. Late night consultation is also available at DocsApp. You can also avail health tips from doctors at regular intervals. If you have a severe health issue, you can get a second opinion from specialists at DocsApp.


#5 SminqApp

Booking doctor appointments has been made easier with Sminq. It is a great and convenient doctor appointment booking app that you can consider. If you have forgotten to book your appointment and making a last-minute appointment seems impossible for you, Sminq App is there to help you. The SminqApp can be used at popular clinics and hospitals in Pune, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, and Nashik. If you are living in any of these cities, you must definitely download it.


#6 Doctor Bulao

Just like the name suggests, it is an uber-cool doctor appointment booking app where patients can directly book their appointment with the leading healthcare professionals. It is free to use the appointment app that you must download. The health professional you book is the only one who is liable for giving you health advice. You can filter through different health experts and find your ideal doctor.

The Bottom Line

Virtual health care can take the Indian medical sector to greater heights. It is a matter of time and the right thrust. After the pandemic, online consultation has become more popular than ever.


With the help of doctor appointment booking apps, patients are now able to book doctor appointments from the comforts of their homes and seek medical assistance. No more standing in the long queues and waiting for your appointment.


If you also want to seek these apps’ services, you can pick any credible application from the above list. Each has a distinctive set of features that will suit your different requirements.