Does Eating Too Many Chia Seeds Cause Side Effects?

Chia seeds are known as the powerhouse of nutrients, it contains the great source of protein, fibre, manganese and calcium, and many more nutrients. Little seeds of chia are also beneficial and contain full of antioxidants in it that help in fighting the damages to body cells. For a healthy body, a person doesn’t have to take many varieties of nutrients and components; only two spoons of chia seeds are enough. To get complete nutrients and components in a body, chia seeds are enough and the best option.

You can find the best quality chia seeds at GreenRelief as it has the ability to absorb liquid and take on a gelatinous consistency. Chia seeds are best for adding thickening properties. It helps in reducing inflammation and gives energy, keeps the body hydrated, and provides a lot more benefits to the body.

Anything we take more than average causes our health negatively; that’s why chia seeds also have some side effects.

Here are some common side effects of chia seeds are following-

  • It can cause dehydration and constipation

Taking Too many chia seeds can cause dehydration and constipation problems to the consumers because chia seeds work as the sponge in the body that absorbs the liquid of the body. If the body doesn’t have enough liquid to push it away, it will sit in the stomach and cause constipation.

  • It can cause low blood pressure.

Chia seeds contain numbers of nutrients in them, in which one is omega 3, which is a fatty acid and can lower the risk of developing various cancers or heart problems. A large amount of omega 3, which you are taking with chia seeds, can make your blood thin out a bit. This condition does not happen to every person but to those who are already on blood-thinning medications. It can be a problem for those people who have low blood pressure issues.

  • Create problems in pregnancy

Chia seeds are way safer in the pregnancy as they relieve constipation. But if you are a type of person who cannot consume foods rich in fibre, it can give you digestive-related problems in your pregnancy. So if you are trying to add chia seeds to your diet for a healthy body, you can try GreenRelief as they provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. But trying chia seeds during pregnancy is not a good option.

  • It can be a choking risk.

Along with various benefits, chia seeds can also increase the risk of choking. If a person faces problems in swallowing, then avoid consuming chia seeds. Chia seeds absorb the liquid of the body, so it becomes difficult for people to swallow it and become lodged in the throat. If you want to eat chia seeds, try to soak your chia seeds for at least 5-10 minutes approx before taking them.


Chia seeds have a variety of health benefits as it contains various nutrients in it. It is effective in repairing damages of body cells, but with many health benefits, it also has some side effects. Chia seeds can absorb the liquid in the body, which can cause some of these issues to an individual’s body. Taking its two spoons is very beneficial for a healthy diet.