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Beautiful Moldavite jewelry

Jewelry is the favorite part of a woman’s wardrobe. But, whether it’s minimal jewelry or a heavy neckpiece, buying the perfect jewelry piece is certainly not an easy task. You would want to go for a jewelry piece that speaks about your personality. And gemstones are a great way to express yourself. The colorful gemstones not only make you stand out in a group but tells your unique taste. The rare and unique ones catch many eyes and showcase your personality as a mystery. One such rare gemstone is Moldavite.

Result of an extraterrestrial phenomenon, a moldavite occurs in forest green, olive green, or moss green shades. It is generally cut into faceted and cabochon gemstones. The rough gemstone is also used in jewelry. Moldavite pendants are attractive droplet-shaped pieces that are wire-wrapped. It can be transparent or translucent, with swirls and bubbles inside. These inclusions of the gemstone highlight the mossy green color of the crystal well.

The extraterrestrial origin of the gemstone creates an appeal in the minds of fashion lovers. Moldavite jewelry has an aura of mystery around it as the gemstone is rare. Rough pieces with inclusions are more valuable. Moldavite necklaces are worn as individual pieces or sometimes in layers. The gemstone is also famous for the impact it has on the wearer’s life. As it is known as the Stone of Protection, its amulets were worn in the historical era. As a Stone of Connectivity, it connects the wearer to the cosmos spiritually.

The gemstone has so many benefits that you want to have it right away. It is a rejuvenating stone that promotes personal fulfillment. It helps in memory retention and gives protection against mental breakdown. Like other green stones, it is good for the eyes. Most importantly, Moldavite is a stone of the heart that resolves all the blockages and re-balances the Heart Chakra. It also brings the heart in union with the mind, allowing them to work in a partnership. With this, you start to value what’s good for you and treat yourself and others with compassion and empathy.

Beautiful Moldavite Pendant

Even in prehistoric times, the gemstone was considered a spiritual talisman that brought good fortune and fertility. According to Czechoslovakian folklore, the gem brought good luck and fortune to marital relationships and was, therefore, it was given as a gift for centuries. The gemstone has this green color energy that symbolizes growth, fertility, nature’s renewal, and Lifeforce. Nowadays, moldavite engagement rings are gaining popularity. Moldavite ring are created in a bezel setting to protect the stone. The gemstone needs proper care when it comes to its cleaning and storage. Do not use salt to clean its surface; instead, use mild soap and water to clean it. If you want to store it for some time, keep it separate in a cloth-lined box.

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