Does Number Of Referring Domains Matter in SEO?

Referring domains! Today, this term is widely used in SEO and plays a crucial role in maintaining the rankings of your w and building powerful online authority. Most experts nowadays raise their hands for referring domains because they make a huge difference in an individual’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and deliver the beneficial SEO outputs that a marketer or business owners aim for. If you believe in the power of SEO, you must be aware of its related concepts, and referring domain is one of them.

Here, we bring you a real picture of referring domains, exploring the ways to benefit a lot from the number of referring domains to establish brand credibility and enhance your digital presence. Here you will get the answers to questions such as “Does referring domains matter a lot in SEO?”

Today, an SEO agency or marketer finds referring domains, an ultimate SEO ranking factor. But before we start, first, let’s discuss what referring domains are.

What is Referring Domain?


Referring domains are considered external websites, which help direct the visitors to your website. Such external websites are commonly known as linking domains. These external websites are flooded with backlinks that help attract a lot of organic traffic to your web page. Every referring domain features one or more links to a website. If every domain in your backlink profile links out to you, the total number of acquired domains and backlinks will become equal in numbers. But such things are rare.

Many people mistake the backlinks and referring domains as similar SEO concepts, especially when it comes to external backlinks. But this is not true. There is a huge difference between these two terms. So, why not identify the difference- external backlinks v/s referring domain.

Referring Domains vs. External Backlinks

Backlinks are considered those incoming links from referring domains to another website and are evaluated depending on the factors such as relevancy, site diversity, domain authority, link location, and other factors crucial for backlinking. Backlinks are embedded videos, buttons, texts, images, or different page elements.

On the other end, referring domains are considered websites that contain one or multiple backlinks that direct visitors to another website. There can be many backlinks from the same domain. Not only this, but you can also have countless referring domains to your site.

So, now you’re aware of the difference between backlinks and referring domains.

Why are Referring Domains Important in SEO?

Referring domains are considered a salient concept of SEO. They are also known as “ref domains” or “linking domains.” If you have a desire to touch the milestone in organic traffic to your website and gain the top ranking in the SERPs, relying on referring domains is a great move. But why are they so important in SEO? The answer is simple. Let’s discuss.

Google looks for the ideal ways or factors to assess the quality backlinks. These factors may include the domain, the placement context, the page featuring the backlink, and source quality and relevance, domain. Referring domains are traffic sources that transmit signals to search engines as well as online users of your web page.

So, in case you want to gain high organic traffic, it is good to rely on top-referring domains backlinks. But, do you know, according to Ahrefs study, it is clear that around 90.88 percent of pages with no referring domains are unable to achieve a milestone in organic search traffic from a giant search engine, Google? So, you can conclude how important are the up-to-mark quality of referring domains to link to target webpages to achieve high organic traffic, sales, and engagement.

Referring Domains- A Crucial SEO Ranking Factor

Are referring diamonds considered a crucial factor to achieve a good SEO ranking? The answer is yes, it is. Saying clearly, referring domains is one of the highest impactful SEO ranking factors that are well-known for making a huge difference in your SEO efforts.

Google prioritizes the referring domains, an ultimate reason to rank your site high on search engines which indicates that hundreds of distinct websites linking back to your webpages will increase the credibility and benefit your website in many ways.

But at the same time, it doesn’t mean to show your complete dependency over any random referring domains. It is important to consider a few factors to obtain the quality referring domains-

• It must be trustworthy

• It should be relevant to your niche market

• Not to mention, it should be of high-quality

• Must be authoritative

It is important to keep in mind the above-listed factors to end up with the up-to-mark quality of referring domains.

Wrapping Things Up

So, now you’re very well aware of the concept of referring domain and why it is important for SEO. So, next time you work on your site’s SEO performance, don’t forget to consider this crucial SEO ranking factor, referring domains.