Does The Punishment Enhance if Drugs Were Caught in a Drug-Free School Zone?

Possession or dealing with a controlled substance is strictly punishable by law, and the consequences that the drug offender might face are often severe. Usually, people misunderstand that all drug cases are charged after a police search for illegal drugs, but the government’s drug laws usually apply to drugs referred to as controlled substances. 

If the police catch a drug offender in public or any place, no cross-examinations are performed, and the drug offender is instantly arrested and charged with the possession of a controlled drug.

Especially if the drug offender gets caught in a drug-free school zone, the punishment can be extremely severe. In such cases, contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN, is the only option the drug offender is left with. The attorney will build a defense strategy to minimize your punishment. 

What are drug-free school zones, and why are they considered “drug-free”?

Lawmakers established Drug-free school zones to ensure that children do not get involved in dangerous activities like dealing or possession of drugs. Additionally, drug-free school zones were eventually extended to places where children and students are most likely to be present, making it a danger-free and drug-free environment for them dining table set online. The following are some drug-free school zones where getting caught with a drug offense can result in severe consequences:

  1. Library
  2. Public parks
  3. Schools
  4. Playschool
  5. Child Care center

A place where educators, teachers, college students, high-schoolers, and even casual readers visit often is maintained with utmost discipline. In such a place, no drug possession or dealership should take place. If it does, the consequences can be extreme, and there is little to no chance for the offender to come out of the case. 

Parks are often considered a family-friendly place, there are children most likely to be present, and people might go there for a picnic as well. Hence, it is considered a drug-free zone—basically, any educational institution or care-taking center where children are exposed to the open place lighting online shopping. Although by law, only the above-listed place is categorized under “drug-free school zone,” most of the places where children can be present in and around the desired place can often be referred to as drug-free school zone. Approaching an attorney is vital, especially if the drug offender is caught at a drug-free school zone.