Don’t Forget to Light Up Your Bathroom

In recent years, after enduring many prolonged lockdowns thanks to the ongoing global pandemic many people living in Melbourne have changed their priorities on how they wish to live. There has been a huge surge in people relocating to regional and coastal towns as well as other states. This is all in an attempt to find a living space that they are comfortable with.

Home renovations have also become increasingly popular, with many homeowners using the funds which they may have previously been using on going out and lifestyle to now update their homes such as their kitchens and bathrooms.  Updating these areas of your home can make a huge difference to your current lifestyle and will also likely give you a better return on your property should you ever decide to sell.


When it comes to designing bathrooms there’s plenty to consider, what elements you need what layout you want, even the types of tiles, heating, colour schemes, and last of all the lighting. If all these components are considered carefully, your bathroom may not end up feeling quite as wonderful as you may have hoped.

Layout and design – There are many professionals who can guide you through this process. Just make sure you pick a reputable builder who knows what they are doing. Keep in mind that significantly moving elements such as showers, baths, toilets and sinks will also require their associated plumbing and drainage to also be moved, which can be pricey. So make sure you check out what your options are without moving all of these around too much.

Heating – there are quite a few types of heating out there for bathrooms and stepping onto a freezing cold floor after having a hot shower isn’t a great feeling. Neither is dealing with condensation on the roof or not being able to even see in the mirror. So make sure you plan this out carefully.

Tiles – There are so many types of tiles available in all different sorts of shapes and sizes. Whatever you pick make sure you think about which colour will work best and how much light they will absorb or reflect. You also need to think about how this area will be cleaned, so contrasting or neutral colours can help here

Lighting – quite often so much thought is put into all the other elements that lighting can be easily overlooked. If you’ve opted for some darker coloured tiles when you previously had cream or white coloured walls, you might find that your beauty regime when looking in the mirror is a little harder than normal. That’s why many modern bathroom designs have some mood lighting for when you want to relax in the tub and then some bright led lights for looking in the mirror.

Considering all these components of a bathroom upgrade are essential to creating the right type of ambience in your renovation. Ensure you do your homework (which is probably how you found this article) and then contact Melbourne’s bathroom renovations expert to help you design the bathroom of your dreams!