Douyin(Tiktok) develop an AI advertising system

Douyin, which boasts more than 600 million users in China, is one the most popular and lucrative apps. Douyin has initially been an online platform for short videos sharing. It has now evolved into a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Douyin is changing the way information is created online, shared, and consumed. Douyin is an effective advertising tool that many Chinese businesses can use. We will offer a report on Douyin ads along with tips and advice for how to use Douyin well.

What is Douyin exactly?

Chinese tech company Bytedance published Douyin on June 16, 2016. It is one of China’s most favorite social media apps. Its Western counterpart Tik Tok may be something you have seen. Douyin, also known as Dou Yin, literally means “vibrant music,” and its name is appropriate for short-form videos less than 60 seconds in length. These videos can be combined with creative filters or dynamic background music. Douyin’s format for short-video content is different than other Chinese social networks like WeChat and Weibo. These videos are composed of text, images, longer videos, and in some cases, audio. Now TikTok Is Working On Instagram-Like Stories.

How to Use Douyin

To use Douyin effectively for your business, you’ll need to have a verified email account.

Douyin’s website is the best place to check this information. Enter account type (or account category), account operator information (or company registration information) to verify your business bank account.

Douyin requires that your business be registered. Exclusions: Industries such as healthcare, internet financial services, and tobacco companies cannot be reported. Exclusions Douyin is a way to enter the Chinese market. You need to locate a partner in China or contact a company that can help.

Notre verification fee of Y=600 will be required to open Douyin’s business account. The transfer must be done through your bank account.

China is highly competitive. Your campaign must be managed well.

  • In-depth analysis and reporting
  • Prices for Ad Bidding accessed
  • CPC/CPM researched (Cost Per Click + Cost Per Mille).
  • Copywriting skills for ad copy
  • Ad design, formatting & management

What is the price of this?

Douyin ads can also be billed using CPC (CPM),CPT (CPT), and other billing options.

CPC billing and CPM billing apply to purchases made via news feed ads. CPT is available for open-screen ad sales.

  • CPC (Cost per Click)CPC ads for Douyin currently run at 0.2 Yuan. This means that each time a user clicks the CPC ad link you provide, Douyin will charge 0.2 Yuan.
  • CPM (Cost Per Mille)CPM Ads cost only 4 Yuan. For every 1,000 clicks, you’ll need to pay 4 Yuan.
  • CPT (Cost for Thousand)CPT stands for the operating principle of an advertisement that appears on Douyin’s opening screen. Your brand will be placed on Douyin’s initial screen by spending at least 1 million Yuan.
  • Douyin stickers for 300,000. You can make your Douyin stickers. It will last approximately seven days, depending on your preference. online class advantage and disadvantage

How can Douyin be promoted effectively?

  • It would be best if you had lots of content. Marketing on Douyin focuses on creating buzz and viral videos. You will see that quality on Douyin is just as important as quantity.
  • The KOLs you choose should be chosen carefully. The exposure on Douyin is variable, so don’t just partner up with one KOL if a post featuring your products goes viral. KOLs with consistent content posting should be targeted.
  • You can work with several KOLs of varying sizes. You don’t need to concentrate on the most expensive and powerful KOLs. Instead, you can collaborate with smaller KOLs to make one of their posts viral. This strategy is more profitable than working with just one KOL.
  • To help increase brand awareness, you can give KOLs giveaway products. It’s unnecessary to spend a lot, but you will get exposure since small influencers may be more likely to feature your products.,  photo credit