Drive In And Walk In Battery Test Chambers

If you have a lot of batteries for an electric car, you can use our Drive In and Walk In Battery Test Chambers. We know that energy storage systems need to be as safe as possible, so we make sure they are. Because of high or low temperatures, changes in humidity or mechanical loads as well as corrosive influences, external loads must be safe and not cause failure or unintended reactions. This means that they must not be dangerous. Weiss Technik has a lot of experience with environmental test chambers for electric and hybrid cars, so they can help you stay on the right side.

  • High-efficiency refrigeration system: LEEFTM (Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint) technology has the best performance. It has the best temperature and humidity control accuracy for accurate testing results, faster ramp rates, and up to 40% energy savings, among other things.
  • The new WEBSeason® user interface lets you set up, run, and check on your tests at any time, even from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Need a battery test chamber that is smaller than the one we have now? You can click here to see our Reach In Battery Test Chambers now.

Safety in the laboratory and protection of the staff:

When the batteries are being tested at different temperatures, they may overcharge or not work right. This could cause the batteries to die Pest Control in Mumbai.

Increasing the size of a lithium battery’s storage makes it more likely that it will fail or have other problems during tests. Because of this, safety in the lab, especially the safety of the workers, is the most important thing.

To make sure that your lab is safe when you’re testing lithium batteries in a temperature or climatic test chamber, we can offer safety devices that are set to the EUCAR Hazard Level at the best possible level for your lab Famous Astrologer in Mumbai. Of course, the safety equipment can be customised to meet the needs of each customer. Please call us for more information.

Additional Options:

  • The electric door lock system
  • Warning lights with either lights or sounds can be used to alert people.
  • Flaps that release pressure
  • N2 – Inertia Unit
  • O2 – Measurement (another option for N2 – Inertia)
  • CO gas detection sensors are used in a fire detection system.
  • Fire detection is done by measuring the temperature (alternative)
  • In the event of a fire, use the flushing device.
  • Over pressure is released through a burst disc and a reinforced inner container.


Hazard Severity Level Description Classification Criteria and Effect
0 No Effect Not at all. In other words, there will be no loss of functionality
1 Passive Protection Activated There was no leakage, fire, or flame; there was no rupture; there was no explosion; there was no exothermic reaction or thermal runaway. Cells were reversibly damaged. Repair of the protection device is required.
2 Defect/Damage There was no leakage, fire, or flame; there was no rupture; there was no explosion; there was no exothermic reaction or thermal runaway. Cells can’t be fixed. It’s time for some work.
3 Minor Leakage Fire or flames can’t get out; there’s no burst; there’s no explosion. People lose weight.
4 Major Leakage/ Venting Neither fire nor flame, nor any burst or explosion. Some of the electrolyte weight has been lost. Electrolyte is made up of solvent and salt.
5 Fire or Flame There was no break; there was no blast (i.e., no flying parts).
6 Rupture There was no explosion, but parts of the active mass flew away.
7 Explosion Explosion (i.e., disintegration of the cell).

Servo Computer Battery Crush Test Chamber:-

The Servo Computer Battery Crush Test Chamber replicates the squeezed state of many types of lithium batteries during use. Create a variety of circumstances that could occur when the battery is squeezed.

Application: Crush test on single cells (cylinder, pouch, prismatic cell, etc)

Crush Jig: Hemisphere, semi-cylinder (According to test standard)

Main Features

  • Powered by a Panasonic Servo Motor, this unit has a high degree of accuracy.
  • Available to execute based on any combination of Force, Deform, and Voltage.


  • IEC 62133-2017
  • UL 1642
  • UN 38.3
  • GB 31241


Model SM-8001
Max. Pressure    1KN-20KN (can be customized according to requirements)
Piston Diameter 32mm
Driving Mode Hydraulic press
Unit Conversion Kg/N/Lb
Crush Range 0~300mm
Extrusion Accuracy ±1%F.S
Extrusion Remaining Time 0~99 hours 59 mins 59 secs
Controlling Mode PLC touch screen control system (7-inch touch screen) + remote control
Testing Space W500 x D300 x H300 mm
Overall Dimension W940 x D780 x H1620 mm
Observation Window 390 x 360mm (20mm thick tempered glass with explosion-proof grid)
Power Supply AC 380V / 50HZ / 2.0KW
USB Interface With USB interface, the test data can be output
Auxiliary Function Explosion-proof pressure relief device, smoke exhaust device, explosion-proof chain
Options Video monitoring system, temperature, voltage acquisition system, fire extinguishing system