Drug Addict Behavioral Traits

Being addicted to drugs can be a complicated and often daunting position for someone to find themselves in. Most people don’t feel proud of a drug dependency, and it can be extremely difficult to be honest with the people they care about when they are living through this sort of challenge. While your loved ones may not be open about their addictions, though, their behavior can be a big giveaway that can help you to spot this sort of problem for it spirals out of control. Let’s take a look at some of the most common behavioral traits commonly associated with drug addicts.

Dishonesty & Denial

As stated above, people rarely feel proud of an addiction. This can make it hard for an addict to be honest with the people they care about and even themselves, with lies often unraveling as they struggle to keep up the deception. Addicts are often in denial about their problems, with phrases like “I can stop anytime I want” and “I’m not really addicted” being common when people are struggling to come to terms with their struggle.

Anti-Social Behavior

Spending time alone, being rude to people they care about, and avoiding social gatherings are also common addiction character traits. Addicts will often value their time spent using more than they value time with others, making it hard to convince someone in this position to do normal things if it means that they can’t get their fix. This sort of behavior can rapidly spiral out of control as someone becomes more dependent on a substance.

Poor Financial Control

Asking to borrow money, struggling to keep up with bills, and exhibiting generally poor financial control can be clear signs that someone is spending their money to fuel an addiction. Much like being anti-social, many drug addicts will choose to buy drugs rather than covering their other financial commitments, and this can be furthered as the financial stress builds and they need to look for an escape.

Aggression & Violence

Drugs can make people do horrible things to people they deeply care about, with many drug addicts becoming aggressive and even violent as their condition progresses. This can make life very difficult for those living with an addict, while also pushing addicts to do things that they regret. It should be easy to tell if someone you care about has suddenly started to act like this around you.

Legal Trouble

While many law enforcement agencies work hard to stop people from being punished for their addiction, those who are hooked on drugs often resort to committing other crimes in pursuit of their next fix. If someone you care about has been mysteriously arrested and won’t explain why it could be that they’ve been struggling with an addiction.

Living with an addiction is never easy, whether you’re the person who is addicted or someone that cares about them. Being able to spot this can make it possible to give your loved ones the help they need, but you need to keep your eyes open for the signs.

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