Easy Ways to Help Your Child Breeze Through Preschool Admission and Interview

In today’s competitive world, we lament that even toddlers are not spared the pressure of giving interviews before being admitted to preschools or nursery. Khalil Gibran said, “And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree”. 

This quote applies to all of us who are complaining about these interviews. This world is competitive because we have all chosen to make it so. Be that as it may, we need to prepare our children not just to survive, but flourish and reach their potential in this world. For that, we need to understand the process.

First, you need to understand why most schools, including what many consider the best preschool in Bangalore, conduct interviews for nursery or preschool admissions. It is important that you sail through the interviews without pressurizing and placing stress on the child and ourselves. 

Below are some ways to help prepare your child for preschool admission and interview:

  1. Know about the school and what it expects: Try to get as many details as you can about the school in which you seek admission for your child. Enquire if there will be both written and oral tests – get in touch with other parents if possible. Try to find out what is generally asked of the child in these tests. Make notes by jotting down questions that might be asked. See if you can get acquainted with parents of kids already studying in the school. Once you know what the child will be tested on, you can prepare the child well in advance.
  2. Build trust before you begin to teach: Trust is the foundation on which you can stand tall as your child’s teacher. Build a bond of trust with your child by spending as much time as you can with the child by listening patiently, showing empathy, playing with the child, and enjoying their company. Once trust is built, teaching more severe things like academics will be more comfortable.
  3. Teach the basics of academics: Even if the school does not mention that knowing colours or alphabets or numbers is a must, gently teach your child basics like colours, shapes, recognizing alphabets, and counting numbers up to ten. 
  4. Combine seriousness with fun: Make a routine of teaching your child some academics every day. It need not be fun always and can require the child to focus. However, at this age, for the most part, learning should be fun. So, don’t let go of any opportunity to help the child learn something new or reinforce what the child has learned. For instance, you can say apple is red and look around to see what else is red in the surrounding. 
  5. Build motor skills and communication skills: Involve the child in household activities like keeping toys in a basket after playing. Make all these activities interactive. Such interactive activities help the child to communicate better.
  6. Familiarize: Conduct mock interviews with the child and make a trip to the school with your child and show him around.
  7. Appropriate dress: Dress the child in clothes that are comfortable and airy.

Remember, the best preschool or CBSE school in Bangalore would want to know the child’s developmental milestones at the time of the interview. This knowledge will help the school gauge the child’s readiness, figure out if the child will be able to settle in a class with peers or if the child has special needs that need to be addressed differently. Once you realize that the school is not being arbitrary in conducting interviews, you can learn to play the game by the rules and make sure that your child is comfortable through the process.