Eight Wedding Photography Mistakes You Should Avoid

Everyone wedding couples wish to make their wedding day perfect in every aspect to make it memorable for the whole life. Everything they do from booking the right wedding venue, dress, flowers, seating decorations, bands, and the lighting, etc. But at the same time, the wedding couple needs to make sure every wedding ceremony moment is captured in the best possible manner. Here the wedding photographer St Marys, GA comes in. In order to get most of the wedding photography, you should avoid making a few mistakes that we have shared in this guide.

  • Not putting enough budgets for wedding photography– Since many wedding couples underappreciate wedding photography, they don’t put enough budgets in wedding photography and choose the wedding photographer with no proper research. Our advice to you is to go and meet some wedding photographers in St Marys, GA, and ask as many questions as possible to know about their knowledge, understanding, and experience in wedding photography. Even though you may have to exceed your budget to some extent, choose the best one, because a wedding ceremony is a special moment and every good moment must be captured beautifully through photography.
  • Not meeting with the wedding photographer beforehand– Even though the wedding photographer you have finalized has a great reputation and experience, but ensure you meet the wedding photographer beforehand. Since it is the most precious moment of your life and you want to capture it beautifully, you should make an excellent relationship with the wedding photography to candidly explain how you want the wedding photographer to shoot the wedding and capture the moments. Therefore, make sure you meet the wedding photographer in person.
  • Last-minute booking– As soon as your wedding date is finalized and your wedding venue is confined, you should start finding the wedding photographer. You don’t have to make any decision at the last moment; otherwise, you will be left disappointed with the results. Even though you have not decided on the budget for wedding photography, make sure you start searching for the wedding photographer beforehand to ensure you get the best photographer for your wedding.
  • Not capturing the whole day– You may have hired the wedding photographer, but only for the main event, not from morning to the entire day. Maybe you manage to save some money this way, but you are missing some best moments to capture. Ensure every fun moment must be captured, including enjoying a glass of wine and gossiping with a range of feelings, emotions, nervousness, getting ready for the wedding, getting relaxed and chatting with the guests after the ceremony is over, etc. In short, the wedding photographer will make sure not a single fun and emotional moment is missed that you can appreciate the whole life.
  • Not planning group shots– The wedding album is incomplete without having some group shots with the guests. But it can be a big headache for the wedding photographer to have the group shots. You need to have a brief meeting with the wedding photographer and discuss what kind of group shots you want and who will be included in the group shots. The group pictures can take up to five minutes to organize.
  • Not giving the list of must-have shots– Many wedding couples make this mistake. No matter how busy you are, make sure you give a proper list of must-have shots to your wedding photographer. Even though they are experts in a photographer, they cannot read your mind. Here you need to tell them in advance if you have some poses in mind.
  • Not having engagement shots– Sometimes, couples regret having the engagement shots. The engagement shots make your wedding album perfect, and you feel more relaxed more comfortable in front of the camera. Most importantly, you will get enough time to build a relationship with the photographer and candidly have a discussion to plan for the wedding day.


Hopefully, you avoid committing these mistakes when choosing the natural light outdoor wedding photographer in Kingsland, GA. So, if you have decided to marry your loved one and finalized the wedding venue, you should start finding the wedding photographer.