Emerald – One of the Oldest Gemstones


‘Nothing Greens Greener’ is the best way that could have possibly described emeralds and Pliny the Elder chose to say it this way. For centuries the vivid green color of emerald has won the hearts of people from all over the world. Whether kings and rulers of the past or modern-day celebrities,’ emeralds continue to remain highly sought after.

The basic color of emeralds is green, which also gives this lovely gemstone its name. The Greek word ‘smarados’ which is derived from the French word ‘esmeralde’ denotes the color green. Emeralds are one of the oldest gemstones that ever existed and date back to at least 4000 years in history. In the Vedas, the holy scriptures of the Hindus emeralds are referred as stones that have healing properties. Emeralds are also said to be harbingers of good luck and success.

The Moguls are said to be extremely fond of emeralds. Jehangir owned a cup made of pure emerald that is now placed at the New York Museum of Natural History. The ‘Mogul Emerald’ weighing 217.8 carats and dating back to 1695 is one of the oldest emeralds known to exist designer bedroom sets online. This breathtaking stone has detailed engravings along with prayer text. Emeralds have been popular all over the world. In ancient Egypt an emerald was placed around the neck of mummies for timeless youth. The Turkish sultans were so in love with emeralds that the Topkani Palace in Istanbul houses numerous items with emeralds.

The vibrant green color of emerald stands for love, youth, and timelessness. Ancient Romans considered green to be the color of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Green is also the holy color in Islam. The Catholic Church also holds great importance for the color green and considers it to be the most essential of all colors. Emeralds, due to their vivid green color hold great meaning in love and also denote everlasting and timeless emotions.

Emeralds in earlier times were mined exclusively in Egypt, Austria, and Afghanistan. Columbia later grew to be another good source of emeralds which also happen to be highly sought after due to their vivid green color and shine. Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Madagascar, Russia, and Zimbabwe are other good sources of emeralds. Emeralds from Zambia are known for their dark green vibrant hue.

Unlike most other gemstones, emeralds are oil-treated. This helps to fill the cracks and fissures on the surface of the stone. This also significantly improves the look and texture of the stone. Emeralds demand good care and being a softer variety of stones they require proper storage as well. Care must be taken while storing emerald jewelry. One must make sure they are separately wrapped in soft tissue or cloth and the surface does not come in contact with any other stone or metal. Harsh detergents and soaps must be avoided while cleaning emerald jewelry.

Emeralds look beautiful in every possible form of jewelry whether emerald rings, Tiffany emerald earrings, or emerald pendants. Whether simple emerald jewelry or coupled with sparkling diamonds, these stones always stand apart.