Everything you need to know about the employment visa in 2021

There are many job opportunities in Singapore because it houses the biggest corporations from all kinds of industries. These corporations demand a large number of labor that is why Singapore outsources skilled and unskilled individuals. Through the employment visa, the Singaporean government allows an individual to work for any Singapore registered company. 


Since there are many different companies in Singapore, the type of work visa varies. If you are a professional, The E pass Singapore permit is appropriate for you. For unskilled to semi-skilled foreign applicants, a work permit will be issued.


Each employment visa has different requirements in benefits. That is why it is important to know everything before you apply. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know when you want to apply for a visa. 

#1 Qualifications

Employment pass

The first type of work visa is the E pass Singapore permit. This employment visa is issued to foreign professionals. An individual must have a job offer in any Singaporean registered company to qualify for this.


The job offer must be at the level of managerial or executive. It can also be a specialized job offer as long as it is on the same level. Since the E pass Singapore permit is for professionals, interested individuals are required to have a good university degree. In addition, they should also have other qualifications or professional skills that are relevant to the job.


Older individuals applying for the E pass Singapore permit are required to have more experience. The minimum salary requirement is at least $4,500. However, older and more experienced candidates should be earning more than this. 

If the mentioned qualifications are met then an individual can apply for the E pass Singapore permit. Candidates can use the self-assessment tool provided by the Ministry of Manpower. 

S pass

If the  E pass Singapore visa is for professional foreign individuals, the s pass is intended for mid-skilled workers. Mid-skilled workers include bartenders, flight attendants, waiters, and taxi drivers. This employment pass is also open to all nationalities.


A minimum fixed monthly salary of $2,500 would be required starting October 1, 2020. Older individuals are also required to have a higher minimum monthly salary. When it comes to educational background, the Ministry of Manpower accepts a degree or diploma.


However, training certificates relevant to the job that they are applying for are also accepted. As long as the experience or training is equivalent to a one-year full-time study. It is highly advisable to check if you are qualified through the same self-assessment tool by the government. 

Personalized employment pass

This visa is an upgraded  E pass Singapore. Individuals who are already E pass Singapore holders can apply for Franchise Business Tips if they are earning at least $12,000 monthly.


Foreign individuals who are still working overseas can apply for the personalized employment pass if they are earning at least $18,000. E pass Singapore holders usually upgrade to this type of visa because it has more benefits. 

Work permit

The work permit is given to unskilled to semi-skilled individuals. The eligibility or requirements depend on the sector that you want to work in. This includes the construction, marine shipyard, process, and services industries.


Since these are jobs that require a certain skill and knowledge, requirements for each sector differ. However, the general requirement of having a job offer from any Singaporean company still stands. 


Entrepreneurs are also welcome to register their company in Singapore. The EnrePass is the perfect visa for interested business owners. There is no minimum salary is acquired as this is intended for business owners.


Interested applicants should have a business idea or an already operating company that is venture-backed or has technological innovations. The applicant must be able to support this with documents such as the business profile. 

#2 How to apply

The application for the employment visa would start even if the candidate is still overseas. The sponsor local company or a third party agency is allowed to process the application.


It is highly advisable to prepare all needed documents before starting the application. The applicant should also have a valid passport from their country of origin. Once the application has been approved, the individual will be asked to go to Singapore for further assessment.


Each pass would cost around $50 to $105 per application. An additional fee will be charged once the employment visa is issued. If the sponsor company is in Singapore, the application would usually take three weeks to be accomplished. 


However, if the sponsor company is overseas, they would have to find a company that has an office in Singapore. For this type of application, the employment visa would take around eight weeks to be issued. 

#3 Benefits

Working in Singapore has many benefits. Aside from the high quality of living, Singapore has one of the best healthcare and educational sectors. They are also considered to have one of the most technological equipment and tools in the world.


The benefits of the different types of employment visa also differ. The E pass Singapore and pass would allow the holder’s family members to apply for a visa as well. Legally married spouses and children under 21 years old are allowed to apply for the dependent pass. Common-law spouses and their stepchildren under 21 years old are eligible for the long-term visit pass. 


S pass holders are entitled to medical insurance from their employer. While the personalized employment pass would allow the holder to stay in Singapore for a maximum of six months without an employer. The personalized employment pass also allows the individual to change jobs without having to apply for a new type of employment visa. The only requirement is to notify the Singaporean government of the changes.

Apply for your employment visa today

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