Enhance Your Sleep With Tropical Wool Comforter

After a hectic day at work, what could be more pleasing than curling up in your comfy-snug bed and blanket? If you don’t have the right comforter, you could be missing out on quality sleep and the ultimate relaxing experience. Let’s be honest, when you are not into the world of bedding accessories, everything would look similar and you might end up buying something that looks good in your bedroom but uncomfortable.

Comforter is one of the most vital factors determining your level of ease. Even though you have bought a branded comforter, the quality and material can make or break your sleeping space. A tropical wool comforter can make all the difference in how you sleep every day. Wool comforters or duvets can be a great choice for people looking for extra warmth and coziness.

Tropical wool comforters have several health benefits. The fact that it is extracted from sheep it is naturally breathable and offers excellent temperature regulation. As a majority of the population is now striving to keep the surroundings clean, wool is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A good night’s sleep is all we want. It gives us a healthy mind and energy to stay active throughout the day. Let’s check out the various benefits of a tropical wool comforter if you haven’t picked up one of these.

1. Is organic wool different than standard wool?

In general, there’s no worldwide standard for wool to be known as ‘organic wool’. However, when speaking about organic wool, it means that no pesticides or chemicals are involved during the production process. Unlike standard wool, organic wool does not undergo a chemical carbonization process. It makes the wool soft and not scratchy like the standard wool.

2. Are you prone to allergies?

Itchy, runny nose, or watering eyes, allergies make your day uncomfortable. If you are prone to allergies, you should probably avoid using a down comforter. These comforters aren’t allergic, but dust, mites, etc., could grow inside of them.

Using a wool comforter would be a great choice because it is naturally resistant to mites. It doesn’t require to be treated with artificial products and chemicals, unlike comforters made with other materials. They are processed and cleaned carefully.

3. Craving for sound sleep?

After a long tiring day, who wouldn’t crave some good night’s sleep? Sound sleep is extremely crucial for our mental health and well-being. It is what pushes us forward to conquer every day. You can achieve that with a tropical wool comforter. Wool comforters provide 25% better sleep each night.

Your body repeats five stages of sleep. Humans tend to wake up before reaching the REM cycle in the middle of the night when they aren’t comfortable.

The five stages of sleep look like this:

• Stage 1 – It generally lasts for 5 to 10 minutes when you are in a light sleep where little movement can wake you up.

• Stage 2 – Your heart rate slows down. It can last for 20 minutes when your body goes to a slightly deeper sleep phase. Here, your body temperature begins to fall.

• Stage 3 – Your brain waves tend to slow down during this stage.

• Stage 4 – A crucial stage when your body repairs and regenerates most cells. In the fourth stage, you experience deep sleep for 30 minutes and return to stage 3 before proceeding towards stage 5.

• Stage 5 – This is the REM sleep, reached 90 minutes of falling asleep. Physical activity decreases, keeping you safe from acting out in your dreams.

Sleeping with a wool comforter can help you sleep better at every stage of sleep.

4. Are you worried about the temperature?

Whether it is a winter night or summer, wool’s natural quality traps warm air when it’s cold and pulls away moisture when it’s warm. This allows you to sleep as comfortably as possible.

5. Is it breathable?

Yes, it is naturally breathable. Wool comforters control moisture and temperature. It means that if you sweat, the comforter will cool down by drawing away moisture from the skin but materials such as cotton hold on moisture. You may have noticed that wool is a popular choice for those who go hiking. It dries moisture and retains heat when wet. On the other hand, when cotton gets wet, it turns cold and takes time to dry.

You are wasting your money if you are buying comforters every two-three years. Tropical wool comforters are designed to last long. Whether you decide to use it in the summer or winter, it will never disappoint you.

A luxurious and soft wool comforter comes inside a cotton cover. Even if the wool inside were itchy, the cotton cover can prevent your skin from direct contact. With this, you have all the benefits of having a wool comforter without having to worry about itchiness.

When you purchase a top-quality tropical wool comforter, you are opening doors to perfect sleep. You’ll be able to enjoy and utilize this heirloom for several more years to come.