Enjoy Exotic Asian Cuisine At Nangs Delivery Melbourne

A delicious and sumptuous Thai Dessert be just what you would be calling Nangs, as this dish is well-known in the lands of Thailand. This delicious dessert that has come to be known as Nangs is not only served during special occasions, but it can be served anytime of the day. A well-established Thai restaurant called Nangs Delivery Melbourne has been serving up mouth-watering Nangs recipes since 1995.

Nangs delivery Melbourne

The Nangs delivery Melbourne takes place during the special Thai lunch time, which is usually around mid-afternoon. If you are going to enjoy some sweet Nangs, it is important for you to order them way ahead of time. You will need to have enough of the fresh ingredients that will give you the best result. In fact, the process involves a long, complicated and elaborate procedure.

Most of the Thai people love serving their dishes that are prepared in a very hot and very humid environment. When this is made available to them, they get inspired to come up with some of the best-selling and best-loved recipes ever. The Nangs is one of those popular and tasty Thai delicacies. This is a dish that has gained its popularity over the years, and there are many restaurants all across the globe that serve it on a daily basis. In fact, you are not supposed to consume the raw ingredients of the Nangs unless it has been properly and carefully prepared.

Preparing for a Nangs Delivery Melbourne

When preparing for a Nangs Delivery Melbourne, you need to prepare a variety of fresh ingredients including rice, roasted meat, vegetable pieces, fish, sauces, raisins and foreign seasoning. The reason behind the first mention of Nangs is that it is prepared using a mixture of cream and sugar. However, the Thai word for Nangs is Nang Suan Khom. In other words, cream chargers are used instead of whipped cream when preparing this Thai dish.

You will find that the most popular Thai food items are served using a traditional wooden bowl called ‘Nang Oe’. This is the bowl that is filled with a dark, sweet-smelling liquid. After which, sugar and cream are dissolved in it. The solid ingredients are then slowly added to the middle, while the liquid continues to run continuously inside. The main ingredient in this recipe is actually melon that is soaked in water and sugar, as well as various other fruits such as kiwi or mango. This is why the main flavour infuses alcohol is omitted in the preparation of this dish.

Thai food items

At times, people have asked how the flavour infuses alcohol is added in the Thai food items we eat. Basically, it is done in two ways. One is by using a long, slender spatula to stir the mix. Second is to use a bamboo steamer. Whichever method you use, you can be assured that your dishes will have a distinctive Thai taste. This is because of the unique way the ingredients are mixed to produce that unique Thai flavour.

If you are looking to enjoy exotic cuisine, then look no further than Nangs Delivery Melbourne. This is one of the best Thai food delivery services available today. Unlike other providers, they offer round-the-clock emergency services. The chefs are made up of experts in all things pertaining to Thai food. This means that the dishes are prepared to order and it is delivered to you in the most efficient way. Their aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why they offer 30-minutes free shipping on all orders.


Apart from the Thai food items, Nangs Delivery Melbourne also serves Vietnamese pho and Lao cuisines. They also provide dessert selections such as chocolate cakes, tiramisu, banana splits and ice cream. In addition, they also provide a 30-minute free delivery on all products throughout the state. If you happen to live in the area, you can get in touch with this outstanding Thai food provider. With their affordable prices and the quality of service that they provide, you can be sure that they will satisfy your culinary cravings in Melbourne.