Entire treatment for gallstones

If you do not experience any symptoms you might probably do not need any adverse treatment for your gallstones. However, if you experience the symptoms and this affecting your daily routine life, then it is necessary to seek the doctor for treatment. You might also experience symptoms for a specific period and gets fade away some time, but again changes to reappear in due course. When you seek a doctor for diagnosis, he or she might direct you to the gastroenterologists for treatment. 

The general procedure to get the gallstones treatment is to get it removed. This might also be done by nonsurgical procedure and also through the surgical procedure if the stones are big. Doctors might also perform surgeries to treat cholesterol stones, pigments, and other related symptoms. 

Here in this article, we discuss some of the treatments for gallstones:

The surgery to remove the stones is called cholecystectomy and is performed in adults by experienced doctors. They will usually give the anesthesia and once the surgeon removes the gallbladder stones, they will keep you in observation. 


  • Two different types of treatment 



Laparoscopic treatment – the general treatment involves the laparoscopic procedure that removes the gallstones. The doctors perform this on an outpatient basis and this is a simple procedure where you will be sent home in a day. This does not require any special care or rest and you can get to the routine life in about a week’s time. 

Open surgery – when you have the gallstones bigger, then your doctor might advise getting it operated open, and this might occur where there is severe inflammation, infection, or adverse symptoms. After this procedure, you might require to rest in the hospital for few days to one week and after discharge, you can get back to normal life about a month later. The gallbladder stone operation might be necessary if you have adverse symptoms. 



  • Nonsurgical treatments



In some cases, there are also other non-surgical treatments that will be recommended by the doctors if the symptoms are not severe. They recommend this if you have a medical condition but are not serious so they prevent doing the surgery to treat them. although they treat without surgery, they tend to return back in due course. Therefore, it requires regular treatment and checkups for getting the gallstones cured. This checkup might require lifelong treatment and continuous diagnosis. 


Here are some of the non-surgical procedures recommended by the doctors and assists to break the cholesterol gallstones:

  • Recommends you endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
  • Oral dissolution therapy – this is the treatment that cures the gallstones using the medications, these medications break up small gallstones upon constant consumption. 
  • Shock wave lithotripsy – here they use shock waves and they trash it into pieces. The procedure is rare and uses when required. 


You also help to reduce the gallstones by concentrating on the diet plans, and eating rich fiber foods, refined carbohydrates, and eating less sugar content. Reduce weight and maintaining healthy eating habits might also help you to treat gallstones. However, with the above symptoms, the doctor might help to get rid of the symptoms